Youtube LetsIlluna!


I have made a little video about the Illuna Server. It is in German and it is just a short introducing on my channel LetsPlayMithosMoon.
Hope you like it and maybe there will be more LetsIlluna Videos online soon by some of you :slight_smile:


Nicht schlecht, ich hab schon deutlich furchtbarere Videos gesehen.
Ich hab mir mega einen abgelacht als du auf das Travepad zum Spawn kamst.
Und in die gezeigte Chest wird dir wohl niemand was reintun - das ist eine Locked Chest.
Ich w眉rd mich freuen, wenn du noch mehr Let鈥檚 Plays zu Illuna machst.
(Das Bild oben rechts bietet 眉brigens keinerlei Mehrwert.)


Nice video! :slight_smile:
I agree with dotti, more would be nice - and the image doesn鈥檛 make really sense - in the cover i thought you were talking in the image but it is just a photo. :confused:

Are you planning twitch too?


Thx dotti and milan^^ 鈥ut the Picture and the Title Text absolutelly make Sense, due to trying out the features of OBS (in fact I don鈥檛 have a facecam) :slight_smile:
Anyway, I havn鈥檛 done live Streaming yet, but I think there should be Illuna on twitch^^


Even though I do not 鈥測et鈥 understand German, I like what you have done. The


Thank you Claudius. There are always frame drops in the beginning of recording, so I guess I鈥檒l start talking after a few minutes next time. I also had sound problems (bad mice quality) but I have just solved the Problem :smiley: 鈥ep German isn鈥檛 that easy, when it鈥檚 new to you I guess. Where are you from?


@Mithos said:
鈥ep German isn鈥檛 that easy, when it鈥檚 new to you I guess. Where are you from?

I鈥檓 in the Western US, high up in the Rocky Mountains


Hi everybody,

have you noticed how cute this monster is? <3