Worlds Gate now fulfills its destiny!

Hey there everyone,

worlds gate is now able to fulfill its destiny!

Around 20 of the most beautiful places of Iluna are now reachable through worlds gate via teleport pad.

If you miss your building feel free to post your area’s coords and (depending on how fast i farm telepad resources) you will become a part of the worlds gate network. Or just place your own konfigured teleport pads so everyone can reach your most beautiful areas!

Have fun and keep building


I can hardly wait to visit! :smiley:

“castle built by elvas”

xD i have built it :'D “elvas” is the castle’s name :smiley:

done. i have fix it

thanks for fixing :wink:

I don’t get it. Does that mean “Worlds Gate” is a specific network ? only accessible via telepads ? and not from travelnet ? What a noob I am !

No its just a fun network, because i didnt know what to do with the location :wink:

I called it worlds gate due to both the huge gate and its function.
The goal is or should be that you will be able to reach impressive places from one location (the travelcenter leads you to any place, worth seeing or not (like mines and caves etc).

The reason for telepads is quite simple. You mustn’t put a travelnetbox into someone elses place. Plus this way i could choose places with a nice view.

Negative point of course is, that you are unable to get back. My advice is to /sethome at worlds gate for the time you are exploring.

keep building :slight_smile: