Why we don't use protection/area mods

Somewhen, i played some game called “Minetest” the very first time.
I joined a few servers…some with broken and ugly spawnpoints, some where i got killed because i accedently touched forbidden areas.
After some time it turns out that some servers just gave damage or error messages on forbidden areas, well, thats kinda better.

However I have a free spirit and dislike this kind of “own what not fast enough ownend by someone else”.
This just feeds the griefers and kills the trust i think. The world would be a way more awesome if everyone can trust everyone.

And this is the philosophy i follow. Everyone would be able to do everything, everywhere.
But of curse you stuff is not doomed.

The following will protect everyone:

  • a griefer-proven activation system
  • the rule about 50 blocks distance to other players
  • a log which records every player action including position
  • a rollback database to simply reset the player if needed

Until the end of the year 2015 we always granted interact by hand.
Players had to prove that they read the rules by answering specific questions.
Since we dont make money with this project, we dont have every minute time to read the chat.
This caused that we again and again didn’t saw interact requests.
The players waited a few minutes and wasn’t seen ever again.

-> IP banned and resettet people: 4

On the beginning of 2016 we changed our activation system.
People had to to prove that they read the rules to get the magic command,
it was like a small puzzle with the resulting command.
Sadly somewhen a group of griefers find out that they can use /help command to get the needed command.
This was a sad day. There is just a second solution:
Everyone have to do that by a magic word, but this would be displayed in the public chat.

-> IP banned and resettet people: 8

For sure we can write a little bot and the player have to /msg them and different experiments, but @coeseta had a neat idea:

Everyone has to sign up to this forum and introduce himself which has the following advantages:

  • For admins it’s easier to grep the IP adress to be sure that it’s not a second account of some troll.
    (Also the forum is able to ban per IP).
  • It brings the players together
  • 90% of all the trolls and griefers are to dump/lazy to open just the rules pages, so this is also an improvement for your security, because we dont make exceptions anymore so noone can trick us.
  • Concept is proven by old Minecraft servers where @coeseta has played a long time.

-> IP banned and resettet people: none, 'til now

We can reset player actions until 3 days. So it would be awesome if you tell us fast if someone broke or stole something.
We need the exact coordinates to be able to check. You can see them by pressing F5.
If the actions are longer away then three days, we will have them still in our log, so dont worry.

I hope this little thread will clear some misunderstandings. Please give me feedback to improve this text and tell me your opinion.

my dad tell me this … AND ITS SO COOL :>