What mod changes the hotbar?

The selected hotbar item has a very low contrast with the rest of the hotbar and I have to watch the item in my hand change. I have changed the textures for gui_hotbar_selected.png and hud_hotbar_selected.png but neither made any difference. I also looked through every mod at git.tchncs.de but couldn’t find any others that changed the hotbar. Could someone tell me which mod or which textures change it?

And what mod is responsible for the off-centered segmented bar that partially covers the bottom of the hotbar?

I turned on verbose logging and found the cached images for them. illuna_hotbar_bg.png and illuna_hotbar_fg.png are the hotbar, and experience_hud_bg.png and experience_hud.png are the bar that overlaps hotbar. I changed experience_hud_bg.png to a fully transparent image and now it is gone. :slight_smile:


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