Warning to not crash the server


sometimes on the Illuna V.I.P. world and on the MinestestForFun skyblock server I get teleported somewhere immediantly without knowing when and why. Today I was reporting that bug ingame and I this happened to me again. This time I didn’t execute the command /home or /spawn, because I tried to use my debug info to find out where I am.I didn’t know that the server would crash. Then suddently the server crashed. As I tried to relog it said something with incompatible protocol versions and intial server error. Too everbody seemed to have crashed. As I relogt the second time I was for some unknown reason at 0,0,0. Sorry for crashing the server :worried: . So I would suggest you if you encounter this to immidiantly teleport yourself away. The client I am using is 4.15. Sorry again.