VIP World Maintenance (done)


Ohai partypeople,

Situation / Plan

I will shut VIP down for a little while, when it is back up, it will be on a smaller virtual server.
Yes, this indeeed happened before and it failed terribly because the VM was unable to provide enough horsepower and yes, this problem will appear again even tho it’s not the same VM.
But this it will be debugged and VIP will be trimmed where it’s needed to need less horsepower.
This means some features / automations may disappear from it.


Yes, you read right, here is the situation:
Right now VIP is/was on our biggest server, a barebone SSD powered server.
VIP has almost no visitors and needs most of RAM, CPU and, most important, disk space.

Also on this machine is our Mastodon Instance which is my most important and most visited project.
It’s also the reason we have enough donors to keep the current infrastructure up - while admitting that it’s tight and can’t really cover infrastructures in long term.
However, the most recent upgrade of Mastodon increases the need of disk space.
The new usage of disk space makes it too dangerous with temporally needed diskspace needed to do backups for example.

Right now i might be able to move things around and free up some space but thinking for a longer time, it doesn’t make sense giving VIP a huge priority with an avg playercount of 0.32/week and 0.12/month. And while knowing that other databases like TechEth or Mastodon (and it’s new extra Database) will grow over time.

…i hope y’all will understand this decision, see you ingame. :rocket:


Hello Milan,
This is quite understandable. I just hope vip will not disappear :sweat_smile:


im with grand x)

hoping its gonna be all right :slight_smile:


I really have to finish my sphinx, library and home town :3
I don’t mind though if it would run on a slower/weaker server.


the performance & stability of vip world can be testet at right now.
i got 0.1 - 0.2 rag avg alone.

memory usage needs to be watched a while.

a new map is available at
it is not final - it will provide a fullscreen link later however it might change later so nothing worth to be bookmarked yet.

be welcome to this testing-state instance


Just logged in. It’s somewhat laggy, but I’ll need to test it more. For now I must have some sleep :slight_smile: Great the map is back ! Thank you Milan for your work !:clap:


The machine had a bit busy disk due an incoming techeth backup, will have an eye on the lag stats.