VIP World is shutting down


Hey there, partypeople,
it’s time to shutdown the VIP World.

VIP was our old concept of a great minetestserver. We didn’t want protection, we wanted trust, and this concept actually worked - kinda. We had to learn that initial protection like no interact privilege by default and requiring a player to do specific things in order to gain interact would be too much to ask for many of the very few Minetest players there are already.
We also had a problem with trustworthy players itself: Many simply didn’t trust this concept even with our very active moderation and trustworthy players who became inactive, left a big hole as almost no new players joined the world.

We later started TechEth with a more common concept, with protection and areas. Compared to VIP, this is getting tracktion. Even tho we have almost no active players on VIP anymore, we didn’t shut it down, because it uses a different type of mod collection what makes it tricky to migrate buildings over. It is also always hard to see a world go. Instead we aimed to make it available for trusted players on TechEth… which… certainly didn’t work out, and it makes sense, why would someone want to start from scratch as a reward?

However, we now decided to free up some resources and maintenance effort by shutting down VIP anyway.

We will migrate as much as possible.

…we give you the chance to decide what and to where on TechEth. We will start with well known buildings and do local test adoptions so we can add missing nodes to the world by hand. Those, as not in the modcollection design would not be craftable, but requestable if somebody wants to continue building on their building.

At the moment where we believe that everything is done, VIP will silently shutdown.

If you are late with your migration request, no worry, we will keep a copy so we can migrate your building lateron.

We will provide backups of the world on request as well.



I see the problem with inactivity on the VIP map. It would be nice if I could download it somewhere though :slight_smile:
Don’t think it would make much sense to convert all my builds to TechEth.

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NOOOOO! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
1: I want to download it!!! i dont want to lose that world! (since i still wanna go back lol) make acces, or send a link, or whatewer, also i would like to make a modpack to support it …
2: my list is guna be big in migrating lol …
3: shit :upside_down_face:



@coeseta You’re the #1 player of the vip world, the drought horse.
Honestly, I want ALL of your stuff on techeth. I know, some of it is bound to the landscape it’s in and lives on the textures used. We will loose VIP and a part of our life ends with it, but we do not want to forget it.
I want as much of the amazing buildings on techeth to be migrated. And some of them will look different, will have a different character, but the soul of VIP will live on. And showing them on techeth is a thing which makes you and Illuna proud.

Now there is a call to action: All VIP-players need to get online and look which buildings/structures need to be saved.
We need a huge list and then several players beeing able to save these structures via world edit (the final backup has to be made first!)
There is enough space for VIP structures on techeth between 25.000 and the edge of the map and for some even in the kingdom. Both are “creative zones”. VIP was about trust and having the creative priv also. The spirit lives on!

I told @Milan that there is the need that VIP-players have to be able to get the whole server file.

Written while listening to music of Hans Zimmer.



@dotti thank you :slight_smile:
I would be really happy if my desert projects could be migrated. Walking through egypt and babylon feels a bit like vacation. I hope minetest will have a VR option at some point ^^

Edit: I will try to post my coordinates in the evening.



My coordinates (dotti asked me to post them here) :
pos1 = 2719 -121 -1799
pos2 = 2449 108 -1979
fort near Elvas :
pos1 = 2416 -21 -1940
pos2 = 2307 110 -2049
(It may has to be bigger due my gate i forgot about)
windmill 2.0:
pos1 = 2851 -2 -1940
pos2 = 2826 43 -1910
Erovas :
pos1 = 2969 10 -326
pos2 = 2915 76 -385
fort hungarian by “XD”
pos1 = 5273 31 -177
pos2 = 5470 278 -309
Aaaand thats it for me i belive…



Ruth’s buildings :
Sandstone place
1 = 2461 26 3361
2 = 2345 66 3214
1 = 2233 11 1407
2 = 2127 110 1481
Village plus Fort
1 = 2119 72 1964
2 = 2353 -40 1637
1 = 2309 5 3293
2 = 2406 29 3216



Please save my Snowglobe at co-ordinates:

1 - 2240,-30,1100
2 - 2078,70,1226

these are corner to corner and should include the whole building and entrance. If I could have it in the new world that would be awsome.

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Finally got around to write down all the coordinates ^^

Sphinx (desert area)
1 = -1842,68,-1416
2 = -1904,12,-1286

Little Egypt + pyramid (desert area)
1 = -2125,140,-1243
2 = -1780,-42,-1000
Note: Babylon is pretty close so you have to remove a little part after copying it

Little Babylon + lost library (desert area)
1 = -1805,-25,-1275
2 = -1580,88,-1080

Lighthouse of Alexandria (desert area)
1 = -1592,-17,-1300
2 = -1685,130,-1412

Tower of Madness (forest)
1 = 3086,17,-4054
2 = 2977,203,-3960

Temple (grassland)
1 = -401,-13,556
2 = -448,38,482

Library (grassland)
1 = -460,0,561
2 = -385,55,604

Flying Keep (close to my new home?)
1 = -379,40,454
2 = -415,105,415

Maya temple (jungle area)
1 = -2597,5,2107
2 = -2671,50,2046

I think these are the important ones, my home is a bit to big imo. I have a new one on TechEth anyway :slight_smile:

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BabyGypt was actually used for initial testing :3
The screenshot also features some mapgen (oops)

As of now there is a simplified version of darkage and some of the plantlife stuff, mainly, not everything as it would be a ton of stuff and techeth got some goodies too. :slight_smile:
This one already looks very complete. :+1:



I just learnt yesterday about VIP shutting down… I can’t reach the server in order to get the coordinates of the stuff I’d like to migrate… Is the a place where I could download a copy of the world in order to find these coordinates ?



You need a 0.14.x client in order to connect



Thank you Milan. But… 0.14 ? Mine is 5.0.1, shall I downgrade ?



I don’t know which OS ur using, you could download the source of the release here:
and run make in the folder from the commandline - this would create a binary in bin/ of this folder which you can run without touching your global installation



I’m using ubuntustudio 18.04

When you wrote 0.14.x, did you mean 0.4.14 ?



latest 4.x release is but it is not important as 5.x is the breaking one



I have to confess I never used the make command. I know it’s a pitty for a linux user, but I have other talents :grimacing:

Shall I download the source from ?

What next ? “make” ?



unzip directory, cd minetest- and make

if something is missing, check out



In Ubuntu you can add a PPA to install older versions, not sure though if that will conflict with the version you have installed right now.

So I could have used 1 coordinate for my “little” desert project :confused:



First real schem is now on techeth :slight_smile: