Tool for programing robots

I use basic robot a lot in my test world

(A small section of my test world^)
The problem I always have is it is almost impossible to use the robots UI and minetest
doesn’t like me copying and pasting from my IDE.
What I normally do is copy from my IDE to my default text editor and from their to minetest. So what i have made is a mod with a tool that will one click load a file to a robot, luacontroller or luapipe. and can also save to a file.
Here is the link for it if any one is interested. The readme file says how to use it.


I jest made project public sorry about that.

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That seems like a very useful tool with those who have the copy and paste issues. I personally don’t have issues so far, but am certain will need it if it comes to light.

One of the best thing about it in my opinion is automatic inventory management (I see one of your robots between the gold chests); if you have a factory of any minetest tech mods, it should be able to access most node inventories.

Another interesting thing about it is that some machines may not function because the code in an inventory detects whether an actual player places something into a machine vs b_r.