Tips for Lua programming IDE for Minetest mods


Hi all:

I would like to know best practices about using IDEs for programing Minetest mods. I checked Zerobrane but I feel it’s ugly and not Minetest friendly.

Can I ask you some advice on this? Thanks in advance.


Hi, interesting question… i personally like to use vim with vundle, additional plugins - for example ale for linting.


But this configuration is not very lua/minetest fine tuned, right? :-m


i have no idea what you mean with this - it understands the lua syntax just fine - there are themes wit hbetter lua syntax highlight out there like vim-kolor if you mean this.


Sorry. I mean, syntax highlithing and syntax autocompletion are great but working with Minetest mods dependencies seems to me is a matter of using grep to look for the item definitions, etc. So I feel it’s important, more for the new developers, some feature for browsing code all along your dependencies and having some form of autocompletion.

Sorry if I sound like a mess. I’m not a real developer.

In any case I’m giving a second try to Zerobrane[1]



Another question:

Do you use any kind of dependency system for managing your mods development and deployment? I meant something like bower or similar. AFAIK there is no an official operative mods dependency system :-m


The git submodule command does everything i need.


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: