Tips (at 5000 south)

I mostly finished the Tips at 5000 south.
Have a look! Please tell me any of your corrections, suggestions, ideas, … :slight_smile:
PS: If I would re-build it, then I would probably give it a better order :smiley:


I like alot! There are some tips even I did not know about and I have been here for awhile now. Players from all experience levels can benefit from them in some way.

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There are some interesting tips, and there are some of them that i didn’t even know :smiley:
I have send you a book ingame of what you should fix on the signs

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Thank you, I corrected it :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “Sneak elevators”?

Place a vertical column of alternating air + some block, then walk up next to it while wearing crystal boots and hold down jump and sneak. You can get back down by rapidly tapping sneak to grab occasional edges and slow your fall (crystal boots not needed to go down).

The air block can also be any block that doesn’t expand to the side you are climbing up.

what do you mean when you say “5000 south”

Go into the travel center basement and find the big “S” on wall. The raised teleporter between wall and center of room is 5000 S.

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I am meaning the ingame coordinates X=0, Y=0 (height), Z=-5000.
On our map ( it would be X=0 and Y=-5000 (no height).
You can go there by travel center: basement or using my travel box at “D”.

Hello Dirk, I was in your library recently and was opening some books. Out of my curiosity, I typed out some text and I think I must have written something in one of the placed books. If so, can you confirm this? I did not know other users could write in empty books in protected areas. My apologies in advance!

edit: I will put new books in your mailbox if the written books cannot be rewritten. They have been added.

@Mathias Are you referring to the bookshelf next to his mailbox? If so, those books are for writing suggestions to mail to him. None of them had text, did you click the save button?

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Yes, you have written in one of the "Writable Book"s. I did not know it is possible either :smiley:
Thanks - I also send you your book per mailbox.

@auouYmous No, the library is not even linked to the “AMAZING TIPS” so far :smiley:
I build it in one of the houses near the TC.

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Ok, great! I always do my best to resolve issues…and know it’s a learning experience for all of us. And auouYmous, I did click the save button, that was my mistake. I am thinking about creating an info section for other reasons, so now I know not to leave unedited books out in the open unless I make arrangements ahead of time for that specific player.