This is the VIP World



The “VIP World” was the (first) final world of the Illuna project.
It always stands and stood for an open but secure world without any disturbing areas or protection restrictions.

We tried several strategies to make it as secure as possible.
The latest was to enforce players to introduce themselfes in our communityforum,
but since the Arrival of the TechEth Server, we changed that as follows:

How To Join

The minimum requierment is that you are already playing for at least two weeks at our TechEth server,
and built something aesthetic. No worry, it is possible to migrate your building later.
To increase your chances, say hello to the community in this forum - introduce yourself.
As this world aims to be a secure and fun place, you have to carefully read our rules for it for sure. :wink:
You may get some questions about our most important rules for this world to prove your reading.


Limitations For Guests

Without requesting to join and/or matching our joinrules already,
you can still visit this world and explore the amazing buildings handcrafted by players.
But, you won’t be able to interact with anything like doors.
Further you won’t be able to wear armor or fight monsters, nor you will be able to use the /spawn command.

Mods & Mapgen

Illuna Servers are way more modded than usual Minetest servers, beside a higher Memory usage (we recommend 3GB of RAM), it gives you tons of options about how to build in this world.
To note is that it’s less technic and more medieval as the TechEth server is.
The mapgen however is splitted, we began with the previously common generator v6 and switched to v7 later.

mapgen areas


As you may noticed on the (slightly outdated) screenshot above,
we have an own texturepack active on the VIP world.
It is mainly developed by us and contains few collected textures
(yet, as we are going to replace them with own ones).
Maincontributor is @coeseta.

If you wanna play somewhere else with this texturepack, get it here.
We have a low resolution (32px) version as well here.


VIP World is shutting down



  • It’s not allowed to take anything from other players or admins,
    not even if their chest is unlocked.

    • Exceptions:
      • The owner has allowed you to take something
      • Sharepoints
  • Please keep at least 100 blocks free space to other builds / players homes / clearly marked areas. In that area you are not allowed to change anything (digging holes or removing trees for example). You are also not allowed to touch a players area to a depth or height of 10.000 blocks.
    This means you are only allowed to dig under your own area. The area below -10.001 is free for all. Structures of other players have to be respected and may not be touched.

  • Personal insults in any form, mobbing, ethical offense are strictly forbidden

  • Flattening or leveling of bigger landscapes outside of your own area is not allowed

  • Harvested trees have to be replanted using the dropped saplings. (minimum 1 tree has to be planted for each tree cut down)

  • Nobody is allowed to kill other players except on official pvp-events or permission of the other player

  • If you find old bones, you are free to loot them. Please consider that you may make a player upset by looting their bones.

  • If you earned the trusted_player privilege, you are able to use TNT.
    You must be active on the Server for at least three weeks without any negative incidents to get this priv.
    Team members are able to make exceptions.
    • Wanton destruction of other peoples buildings is not tolerated
    • You are allowed to ask the team for this privilege but we don’t want to be asked repeatedly.
  • We ask you to build your automated Systems the simplest way possible.
    Please use teleportation tubes for example. Minetest is not written to handle many objects in long pipes and has trouble handeling large sytems with long pipes.
    If you build too large a systems with long pipes, you may get the whole server lagging.


-sorry, deleted, it was an accident-