The "new" ELVAS

i noticed that i cant edid my old posts, coulse my “half new half old” account :stuck_out_tongue: … thats a long story …
anyways, here are the newest pictures of my fortress :slight_smile: there is still lot of work, but it has expanded a lot!
if you have any ideas, (any cind of ideas) tell me please!

this is my never seen “elvas farm” :slight_smile: i think this windmill and store combination looks uggly :stuck_out_tongue:
tell your option how it looks!

there is a new quest for explorers: there are 5 secret room to find around the castle. if find one, you may see a sign what tells you “you found a secret room” and a tip to find the others :slight_smile:
if you have minetest 4.16/17 (latest) maybe you cant find one of the rooms. it has a “sneek in” entrance :stuck_out_tongue:

have fun, and thanks for reading!

also the old topic : Elvas

Wow. Great work. The windmill is not ugly as far I can see :slight_smile:

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Oh, WOW it looks very cool!! Great work :slight_smile:

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the middle tower of the main fort has been changed a little :wink:


Looks really nice jakab :slight_smile:

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