The new ARENA game :)


hi there :slight_smile:

this new game is not for killing. the game is : dig snow to fell off other players, with teem mode or last man standing mode. (spleef)
you can go there with my travelnets “ARENA” the rules is there ^^ (also a boat racing game is coming)

some schreenshots :

take a look of it :wink:


Yes a fun game, well thought up and brilliantly executed, well done Jakab.


thank you :slight_smile:


I walked a bit on your area yesterday, @jakab - nice style so far, maybe i will take some screenshots for the homepage soon. Your Arena is also interesting, nice done :slight_smile:


@Milan you should put aside your super powers, take a shovel, get someone to be your opponent and go and have a game, it’s good fun.


the day will come :wink:


thanks all :smiley:
(i will be your opponent >:))


oh and the fort will … i dont know when will done with it but faaaar later :slight_smile:


not too bad


I need to check this out. Come by and challenge me, though I’m an old man so you will take pity on me. :s However, remember Rome crushes all things in its path. B)


haha :smiley:

maybe here will we start a “i want to play” thing, and at least we will play together :slight_smile:


this is a responce to claudiusmaximus’s post : rome fell apart and rome only crushed one thing : greece which wasn’t that powerful because they were separated and they fought each other