The minetest 5.3 update

So the server updated to 5.3 today and also new versions of several mods. Some things may be broken, report your issues here and they might get fixed server-side, but some things might require rebuilding (gold farms).

Nuclear reactors should start now.

My free gold farm and smaller ore farms are completely broken, new mesecons probably works differently, must investigate. I might have to get a real job now. :wink:

I hear there are skybox issues, don’t know what. But after returning from space I had a purple sky and /skybox off fixed it.

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Lots of little quirks and differences. But other than the skybox, all the actual breakage I’ve seen so far seems to be intended rather than bugs.

Ⓕ Pay Respects
…I’ll miss sprinting. [ Used to sprint everywhere. Sprinting one bar now consumes 3.5 food. Unbefitting minetest, unrealistic, and unfun. </soapbox> ]

If it’s not asking to much, have you diagnosed and could you explain precisely what is broken about small ore farms and your gold farm?

Maybe Milan reduced food consumption when sprinting in the old mod and could do the same in the new mod.

Node breakers no longer break ores, stone, sandstone, cobblestone, and maybe others. They do break dirt and flowers. They do deploy bonemeal and will use a chainsaw. The problem doesn’t exist in singleplayer with same pipeworks and hunger mods, but it does exist with the illuna code I have, so there is hope I can figure it out…

Node breakers now require a tool for anything you can’t break by hand. Luckily, the tool won’t take damage (or didn’t in my very limited testing) and a stone pick works fine for cobble gens and ore farms. Have fun adding picks to all your breakers! :slight_smile:

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My petrified cow went from invisible to huge :smiley:


@Dirk best bug yet!

@Milan Node breakers no longer drain hunger from their owner. Was that something you made them do or was it a feature of pipeworks that has been removed?

i dont recall doing anything about it, but i think node breakers and stuff act or acted as player actions and therefor cost energy/hunger

edit: exhaustions still seems to exist by default, just doublechecked

Okay, seems hbhunger now detects the pipeworks fake player and no longer drains hunger. Yay!

Also, the server appears to have crashed 4 times in a 30 minute period while cloud was on.

Nothing broken by me so far, apart from this white sky…


@grand have you tried /skybox off?

works, but clouds are gone :slight_smile:

The moving white clouds are gone or the fancy clouds rendered on the skybox?

These settings in minetest.conf control the ugly white moving clouds.

enable_clouds = false
enable_3d_clouds = false

And /skybox 1-11 selects the fancy skybox textures.

thx, I’ll try this out as soon I have some time.

added two fixes by @auouYmous (thats may have been all now except pointable lava which was added for moderative reasons) :

  • fix scifi_nodes inventory textures
  • fix sea inventory textures

added which hopefully fixes most of the most recent server crashes

…this will go live on the next crash

…also submitted a ticked on the sprint mod as i don’t see anything wrong on our end right now

it seems that sprinting uses hunger instead of sprinting

i was referring to this…

You people with your fast privilege! Sprinting works just fine for us peasants. :wink:

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@Milan Your hbsprint issue mentions how quickly the hunger bar drains. I personally think the drain rate is just fine, every action you make should drain hunger. The default is sprint_starve_drain = 0.5 and could be lowered if you don’t like how high it is.

thanks for pointing this out, i have decreased that value and are waiting to your pr to be accepted (if it takes too long i will add this temporarely to the server until it is upstream)


Fast comes with a creative account. And the path to that should be known :wink: