The lovely Taste of Wine - the latest Updates on Illuna

Hey friends, slowly its time again, i can hunt some open issues and feature requests for you :slight_smile:

After the latest restart the following things had changed:

  • A wine mod was added to the game
    • brew wine and beer (for example)
  • notes about death and respawn will now be send
    to the irc and jabberchannel
  • alternate recipe for cottages:hatch_wood has been added,
    so there shouldnt me more problems to craft it
  • oh, and there was something bad happened to the illuna mod by
    the servermigration so the welcome blocks in the interact room were dead. This is fixed now.

About the lag this night: The hoster is still fighting with ddos attacks, sorry for that, they will win soon :slight_smile:

Oh, und guess what: for the rss lovers, i put news like this now also to my new blog :3