The Illuna Capture the Flag Server!



We鈥檝e got a CTF server,
join us and test it at :exploding_head: :fire::rocket:

The playing area features a place nearby /spawn2 on our TechEth server but comes
with a huge Redwood forest biome which was customized to be more lightwight for the game.


What are your wishes for 12018?

Just a view Ideas for the server.
After playing some rounds on that server and other ones just let me make these suggestions:

  • It would be nice to have a button which lets treasure chest disappear without letting it鈥檚 content drop to the floor.
  • Apples and stronger weapons could be a bit more common in treasure chests
  • things which are weaker than the starting weapons wouldn鈥檛 be missed if they doesn鈥檛 show up in chests at all I think.
  • making the flag area tree free for not being able to jump from the treetop directly to the flag and making it easyer to shoot people which try to grab it would be i think I鈥檇 like

its still a nice server anyway.


Thanks for your feedback, @cybercow!