The Glitch that took me on an adventure to the Skies of Illuna



So I was messing around with the villages in Illuna, and after visiting Village 153 I came across a vertical sleeping mat.

So what was I to do but take a nap? :sleeping_bed: However, this mat must have had magical (glitchy) properties, because it locked me into a weird state where I couldn’t jump but I could move.

After going back home with /home, I was still stuck in the glitchy state, and I randomly climbed up my rooftop access ladder while trying to fix it. The result: I started floating!

A Fun Journey

With nothing to stop me now, I continued going on :up:. I saw Integral Trees, a floating iceberg, and a lot more! :smile:

Well that was fun! In fact, I could start a new life up here…Illuna Skynode anyone? :wink:

Steps to reproduce the glitch

  1. Go to village 153 (using /visit 153) and find the vertical sleeping mat in the middle of the village.
  2. Right click the mat. You will start moving randomly.
  3. Return to your home with /home.
  4. Find a ladder, leaves, or any other climbable node, and climb up that node.
  5. If there is nothing above your head, you should start floating up infintely! With enough time, you’ll reach the asteroid layer, and with much less effort than taking the Stairway to Space. :star2:

If you hit a block above your head, you will stop going up but will continue to float in midair at that elevation. Climb up another ladder to keep going up.
You can cancel the glitch by logging out and relogging in.

Final Notes

Well, this glitch is definitely a fun one to try. I’m not sure if this has already been found, whether it will be patched, and if so, how long it will last until Milan/some other server admin patches it. Nevertheless, I think it is a great opportunity to explore the skies of Iluna and see the Integral Trees.

Signing off,
~flyinglatios (Arc’blroth)


Nice story!
We know this bug (and the dev of villages should know it too…).
That’s the reason you always should have a chair/mat near your homepoint. Click it to sit/lie and this horror is over ;).


this is…
AWESOME! i must try it! what an adventure, man! this is so cool :smiley: i will try to make this rocket launcher with screwdriver, and make an airport …


Nice story, follow-up’s better happen quickly since even tho it can turn into great adventures as we now learned - it still bugs me as i, as a workaround, removed this feature from the mats in the past … and now something brought it back, i gonna fix it asap. :sweat_smile:


nonononononono, there are a few bugs in minetest that arent realy a bug, and ewrybody loves them :smiley: like the sneeking glich with you can climb two blocks, or fall on a slab without any damage. (and all of them are removed, but we cry them back xD ) so dont take a hurry, and try to NOT fix it accidentally :smiley:


Jumping two blocks is not a glitch, it’s a feature.


Amusing…! Is there actually a stairway to space?


There is. Travel center. Strange purple construction.