The Fisher Village

Ahoy Mates!

it’s time to be illuminated!

My loooong project has now finally, reached it’s end! it took 2-3 month, and each day i worked on it at least a hour. and keep in mind, almost everything, is made only in survival mode! (there is a few things that was possible only with creative). here are some schreenshots:

There is a lot to explore, secret dungeon with secret rooms in it, a few fun sneaky things are built in the village, take a bit of food with you, and explore the whole place!!
@dotti i want you to cut the red ribbon! (cause i’m such a good person ya know)

special thanks to:
@Olivia who gave me a lot of ideas, and made my gameplays a thousand more enjoyable!
@dotti who basicly gave me the opportunity, and the idea of a fisher village, and inspired me with his heroic explanation about why am i building such thing for not my own goals.
@Ruby who was testing the dungeon at the first time, and was always looking around how my village going, and by this way i worked faster.
and all the other people, who made this community awesome again, and helped me in any way!

Thanks for reading, i hope i will see at least one people at my village when i next join!!!


Really nice village. I also really like the medieval houses, really pretty :wink:

At first I thought it is my old town from illuna VIP when i saw the flying island and the market ^^

I think it has been copied to techeth, maybe you can visit it some time (oh and my town is also from survival only, just took a bit longer :slight_smile: )

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i know your village, i also seen it migrated to techeth (i think…), i learned a lot from that back on VIP. i was trying to bring my castle/fort style in it, and i think i did pretty well :smiley:

(i think i got to another level… @coeseta thought it’s his village, that means my village is damn good xD)

Its been a month or maybe two. And i cant see anyone finding, or exploring my dungeon! >:( guys, its really fun! There is still an unexplored secret room! (which looks awesome i have to say…) so far only Ruth finded it. (and dotti but he cheated)