The Cursed Church

Hey Illuna folks!

This is the Cursed Church, near my Fisher Village:

Other than i did my best to make it look good, it has a small game in it. its a parkour map with a few goblins to fight with meanwhile. you need some armor, good sword, and a crystal (or warrior) boots to make it trough.
WARNING! the map is VERY hard! (experienced players can struggle too!) you can die very easily if you dont watch out. and then the goblins will keep you away from your bones, so double care!
its dangerous, but challenging, and fun! if you need to retreat, use /home /spawn or whatever command/button with you can get out. read the signs if you visit it! have fun!
some schreenies:

thx for reading, have fun!



Good use of skybox! Looking forward to give it a try.

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