Terra Nova Project


I’m glad you like the new steps. I think I fixed them as requested. Also, do you like the way I started the new arch support? This is looking very nice. Now we need to landscape and add some monuments, temples, and/or fountains/parks to this area.


The invitation for other players to participate in contributing to Terra Nova is always open. The only request I have is that any proposed project–including a proper location–be cleared through one of forum @admins or @noob101 (this group includes in-game moderators and @Milan as administrator).

Terra Nova is continuing to grow, and its borders will grow according to need. We have several directions we can expand, so please feel free to share you idea to help Terra Nova grow. :smile:

Thank you,


Arch of Titus’ New Location

Through the effort of countless manhours and fortunately with no causulties, we have successfully moved the Arch of Titus to its new location at the southern tip of Terra Nova on the road leading to @foxzoolm small cottage across the way. We still have lots of road work to do and landscaping to make the arch feel more at home in this new location.

With this new location, we can now expand the old Arch of Titus to the new larger design as shown here

Terra Nova continues to grow and expand!


Pantheon Plaza

I moved all of my chests from the Pantheon plaza, filled in my marble pool, and replaced all the desert stone grid markers, so the plaza is nice and clean. I hope to start working on my villa and the Pantheon interior. I also need to add some lighting for the plaza.


Very nice indeed. I’ll come and have a closer look ! That’ll be a change from my actual diggin craze. What’s the next step, O Pantheon master ?


@dotti actually built the Pantheon. I started the outline, but he is the one who did the exterior work. I am supposed to complete the interior, but if you want to do it, then let me know. We are trying to recreate it according to the original, which is still in daily use today in Rome.


Oh my ! I’d love to help, but I use all the time I have on preparing the ground for the Taj, and I still have a very long way to go before I can even start building the gardens. So… I won’t be of any help I’m afraid :confused:


if we meet, i could help you :slight_smile: but at that big place, you could build an autominer, if there isnt more hight than 5 block.