Terra Nova Project


Really impressed by the work on the Pantheon. I’m wondering - what’s your approach to domes, spheres, and circles? I find it tricky to keep them from turning into odd hexagon variations.


Making my kind of domes is quite simple. Far from beeing perfect, but simple :smiley:

Some little details:


Just a little tower :slight_smile:


Bigger streets for a greater Terra Nova.


Nice. I expect a horse wagon mod soon :stuck_out_tongue:


For transporting chests?


That is awesome! :smiley: Thank you!


The roman inspiration spreads around. Some friends from the framinetest server found some mods which might be interesting :slight_smile:

There is a lion bas-reflief which is very roman-like :wink:


Not only the lion bas-relief, but the round columns are very nice as well. I will look into this when I can.


I went in-game for a few minutes this evening. My vision is still very blurry, but I was able to see the upgrades others have added to Terra Nova and simply said, they are beautiful and more amazing than I realized from the screenshots. Thank you to all who have contributed to Terra Nova! It truly fills me with joy to see others making such wonderful additions to Terra Nova. :heart:

For those who do not know, I have had a fluid pocket in my left eye. You can read a little bit about it on my blog at https://claudiusminimus.tumblr.com

I am very anxious to get back to being in-game as soon as possible. :smiley:



This is very exciting watching Terra Nova grow. :smile:


“grow”:… well… I removed some main parts of terra nova. the growth will follow, sure. But honestly this via (we need a nice latin name like via sacra, via appia,…) looks so naked and dull without vegetation, buildings and landscape.


Maybe “Via Appia” might be nice. Lets use “Via Sacra” for the main road through the Forum.

I was able to work on my villa some tonight. The hardest part for me during game is seeing the chat log, but it was so quiet tonight I was able to just some roofs.


@dotti, how extensive do you plan to make Porta Nigra? As you probably know, it was one of four city gates. I’m very excited to see it rise! :smiley:


I just build the porta itself.
36x26x30 blocks.

Your garden is quite nice but you should consider only to cultivate what the romans had: no corn, no cotton, no potatoes, no tomatoes, no pumpkins.
And your bee hives are quite useless. They need flowers around to produce honey.


@dotti: Thanks for the input. I’ll make some adjustments. but approximate historical accuracy is not my only objective. It is also a public garden for new players, but I can definitely replace the corn and pumpkins, and I’ll do some research what to do with the rest. I guess the coffee has to go. It looks like watermelons were loved by much of the ancient world, so I will expand watermelon garden. I’ll post a sign that this is a research garden experimenting with imported exotic Indian and Egyptian cotton.

I put the beehives up without really thinking about it, I’ve never done much with bees, but I’ll move them to an area with flowers. Thank you for your suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.


Bigger, bigger, bigger! :smiley:


getting nice, i like it :+1:


getting even nicer.