Terra Nova Project


Introducing: Villa Rustica


@Askalienkos said:
Introducing: Villa Rustica
This is Wonderful!


I would like to introduce and welcome Terra Nova’s newest resident: @Brackston - his place is between @Askalienkos and @Miner_48er directly south of the garden/tree farm


@ThedarkFlame said:
this is a response to >jakab rome was never
defeated so you better >think of a good plan

Well, it was defeated by hordes of barbarians, decreasing to the size of a village. Afterwards, only some people and a couple of animals lived there.


@poke said:
Well, it was defeated by hordes of barbarians, decreasing to the size of a village. Afterwards, only some people and a couple of animals lived there.

That is one traditional version of what happened to Rome, but it is not the end of the story - History is always written from the perspective of those writing it, and many histories do not agree with contemporaries. However, this is way off-topic and if continued should be moved to the Off-Topic category for further discussion, being this has nothing to do with Minetest, Illuna, or Terra Nova.


It has been a while since I’ve posted any updates for Terra Nova.

A bit of misspelled humor:

I found this sign just south of the Terra Nova Garden that was added by @sokomine and thought it was interesting, because it seems the low-flying bats are “colluding” (conspiring) something that requires an alert warning.

New Library

@WeavingOfSmoke built a wonderful library just across the water from the Terra Nova Temple and started the road going north.

Roads connecting FoxZOolm to the south and dotti to the north.

  • @foxzoolm and I built the Fox Tunnel between his tower and Terra Nova. He connected the tunnel to his main road to the south and I connected it to the road going north to the Terra Nova Garden.
  • North of the new library, the Flash Highway continues to @dotti’s compound. I believe he has some plans for adding a Roman village to Terra Nova on the adjoining land.

Fox Tunnel

The green signs marks the southern border of Terra Nova

Flash (aka: @dotti) Highway


  • The Pantheon will soon be under construction and will be Terra Nova’s largest structure.
  • Sir @dotti will be the general contractor for the project.

Detailed Illustration (2nd Row)

Construction Site

Colosseum Update

  • A few surprises have been added that may increase the challenge during a PVP event.
  • Upper level spectator bleacher
  • After an unfortunate mishap during an introductory tour with a new player and a former player, I had to change the entry into the PVP arena. This change was made, because the former player with diamond armor and a mithril sword attacked the new player in steel without agreement or notification - it was an unprovoked and unsolicited massacre. As a result, PVP players will enter from two separate prison cells after agreeing to and accepting the risks of a PVP match.
  • Currently I have posted signs stating no PVP until the Colosseum is officially opened, which I hope to be soon.

Temple Interior Finished

The interior of the Terra Nova Temple has been finished for a while. My original base camp was removed when I finished the first stage of the Terra Nova Villa. I then added a glow-stone heart held by glow-stone emerald as a love note to my wife of almost 35-years - she really loved it!

Would You Like to Build In Terra Nova?

If you are interested in build a Roman themed build, then please let me know and I will help you find a good location and start the required paperwork :wink: :smiling_imp:

I am making a new Terra Nova boundary map, which I hope to upload in the next few days.


Arch of Titus

I have just completed a replica of the Arch of Titus (Italian: Arco di Tito; Latin: Arcus Titi), which is a 1st-century A.D. honorific arch, located on the Via Sacra, Rome, just to the south-east of the Roman Forum. It was constructed in c. A.D. 81 by the Emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his older brother Titus to commemorate Titus’ victories, including the Siege of Jerusalem (AD 70). (see: wikipedia)

I have tried to duplicate the scale in Minetest, though it seems the that it is not wide enough. However, the dimensions seem close at: 15.4 meters (50 ft) in height, 13.5 meters (44 ft) in width, 4.75 meters (15.5 ft) in depth. The inner archway is 8.3 (27ft) meters in height, and 5.36 (17.5 ft) in width.

The Arch of Titus is located next to the Colosseum in Terra Nova

Colosseum South Road

I have built a new road connecting Terra Nova to Spawn Town along the south side of the Colosseum and tunnels westward under the southern edge of Lisa’s property directly to Spawn Bridge Road.


Looking really good Claudius!


@dotti I gave you an early Christmas present, well actually late, but anyway you said if I started the Pantheon you would work on it. Well, I have started it by outlining the 43 block interior sphere/cylinder. According to some documentation the outer dome is 58 blocks high. I hope this gives you a good start. :smiley: :ribbon:


When @ClaudiusMinimus asked me if I wanted to contribute to Terra Nova when I joined to Illuna and he gave me a bit of a tour, I told him no, Roman styla is not my thing etc etc. Now I started Caracalla Spa, a huge spa in Rome, and mada quite some progress today. I did not take any screenshots yet, but let me add the plans I build by, found on the www:

Plus a few details which I will not be able to d

o in Minetest:

Anyway I shrunk the size by about 1/3rd, so that it fit the given construction area. The area is 200 x 210 nodes, the building will be 176 x 202, the rest is used to adapt to the surrounding landscape.

CU, n101


A little progress…


WOW!!! Amazing!!! These two new building are going to be among the crown jewels of Illuna.


OK, let me add the first screenshots, just as I am done for today:

I never expected it to become so massive. I am well into my second gold chest of sandstone, and an mot even nearly done. Last tonight I placed the 178 pillars around the courtyard…

CU n101


Already looks awesome, can’t wait to see the finished project :slight_smile:


The first part is here also done :slight_smile:


Looks wonderful! I see you saw my example pillar. I’m glad you liked it. Did you select a material for the platform? Were any of my examples okay?


@noob101 What an incredibly beautiful building. I am very excited about this addition to Terra Nova! :smiley:


Well… WOW! :smiley:


You need to see it to really appreciate it. Nice work @dotti!


Colosseum phase 1 complete

With the first phase of the Colosseum complete, it is ready for testing. Here are some images:

Arena Floor, Stadium Seating, and Throne Room

Colosseum Exterior with Arch of Titus in the background

PVP Participant Entrance

I have many hidden surprises for those who want to engage in PVP events.


  1. All participants must agree to engage in PVP.
  2. Colosseum PVP matches may only occur on the arena floor.
  3. All participants recognize PVP fighting may result in death of the player’s character.
  4. Wood or Pick Axes, or TNT are NOT permitted within the arena. Swords, Bow & Arrow are permitted.
  5. Participants may yield (surrender) at any time and the other participant(s) must no longer engage in combat with a player who yields.