Terra Nova Project


@Askalienkos is a landowner and Roman citizen and I ClaudiusMinimus declare him the first Roman Senator.


When I was in Rome 2006 (twice) and the last time 2010 I was impressed by the pantheon.
I’d like to build it when the tree is finished.
And of course in original size!
It needs 100 x 60 blocks of size. And will be about 46 blocks high.


@dotti said:
When I was in Rome 2006 (twice) and the last time 2010 I was impressed by the pantheon.
I’d like to build it when the tree is finished.

This would be fantastic! Was the Pantheon later made into a church and now is it a museum? Is it the building where the artist and sculptor, Raphael is entombed? I look forward to you building it =)


guys i think it would be cool if we connected all our places together


this is a response to jakab rome was never defeated so you better think of a good plan


it was just a joke, dont worry :smiley:
(why did you get a spam for that ?)


@ThedarkFlame said:
guys i think it would be cool if we connected all our places together

One of the things I’m trying to do, is have a connecting roadway system. Rome was famous for its road system and engineering.

I like the idea, though if I’m not mistaking your place is about 4,000 blocks away. Rome did build very long roads, so if you want to present a plan, then please do so we can discuss it. Don’t forget the 100 block buffer, otherwise you will need land owner permission.


There will be the pantheon.


you have my permission to build a road to my place


so @dotti building the pantheon ?


@jakab if other players want to participate, i take the project management and all members can build.


yolo :slight_smile: cool


Terra Nova August 19, 2016 Update

Many exciting things have happened regarding the Terra Nova Project. I would first like to thank those who have helped made this all possible and for the enthusiasm expressed by many of you, the Wonderful Illuna Community.

I would like to officially announce the ground breaking for the construction of the Roman Pantheon. @dotti will officially be the project manager for the Pantheon, and all who want to help in the construction, proving of materials, or anything else should consult with dotti. I am working on escavating underneath the Pantheon and am building a warehouse sorting center for all Terra Nova Citizens (visitors welcome)

I would like to welcome our first Roman Citizen, Senator Askalienkos, who has made a land claim on the southern border.

Lastly, I would like to show you the progress made with first showing a revised map of Terra Nova, some progress images highlighting sever builds (more to images to follow) and the location of a proposed Terra Nova Vista lookout point overlooking the temple and Pantheon sites.

Terra Nova Map

Please note the church build to the east of the Colosseum location. This is Lisa’s build and we are allowing some boundary overlap. She has requested that nobody builds near her TravelNet located on the beach. The map shows the approximate buffer between Lisa’s property and Terra Nova. If you are interested in building close to this area, please clear it with Lisa or ClaudiusMinimus beforehand.

Full size version


We could use some help working on the road system. @ThedarkFlame would like the road system to connect to his property, which is at quite a distance, but the more pressing need is to complete the basic roads within Terra Nova as shown on the map. The south-east and eastern sections of the road system especially need help.

Terra Nova Bridge

Villa of ClaudiusMinimus (still under construction)

Tunnel Leading up to the Villa

Front Entrance of the Villa

Villa Swimming Pool

Terra Nova Vista

The idea behind this is many players rightfully do not have fly privileges (myself included) and yet would like to have a good view of Terra Nova (did I say ClaudiusMinimus would like to see) and so the natural solution is to create vista points where Illuna players and visitors can easily climb stairs to the top of the vistas.

View of the Temple

View of the Pantheon Construction Site

See the full collection




i like the bridge :smiley:
(it was uggly bridge isnt it ? ;))


@jakab said:
i like the bridge :smiley:
(it was uggly bridge isnt it ? ;))

Yes, it was the ugly bridge. I’m glad you like it now. =)


BTW: The villa is bit done and this is phase one. I have more plans for it. =)


i will take a look of it :wink:


Colosseum (PVP Arena)

Here is the basic shape for the arena, though I realize it will not be near big enough to be called the Colosseum. I would increase the size, but I don’t want to crowd out the local church.

Concept Walls

I have been roughing the walls and arches on my local system and I would like to now show this to you. I invite comments and suggestions.

Here are three screenshots of a concept wall section. My thoughts are the due to the size of the arena, 60X70 I should only have two rows of arches. I think a 3rd would be too much.


nice done i like it :slight_smile: