Terra Nova Project


August 18, 2016: I changed the title from “Proposed Terra Nova Project” to “Terra Nova Project” since it is now underway.

So here is my proposed project and I want to see what your thoughts are and if anyone is interested in getting involved.

The image below shows a legend with colored dotted lines indicating current or proposed entities. I will explain each.

  • Cyan Dotted Land: Claimed land is self explanatory, with the exception of the megatom property.

    • At Milan’s request, I contacted megatom regarding the southern expansion of the garden/farm.
    • Megatom indicated he no longer had interest in the property and that I could do with it as I wished.
    • Therefore, I have expanded my original idea of simple garden/farm into that of a small Roman town complete with a PVP Gladiator Colosseum Arena (I am working on some interesting ideas and surprises for the games). The town has the possibility of expanding in several directions if needed. I invite others to build Roman era themed builds in this area, such as homes, shops, monuments, or whatever Roman comes to mind and be an important part of Terra Nova.
  • Green Dotted Land: Is ClaudiusMinimus’ garden/farm that is open to the community. I have moved much of my garden to this location already. It is still a work in progress. The garden/farm can be expanded towards the east if needed, though I would rather not cut down any more of the jungle forest than is necessary.

  • Yellow Dashed Land: ClaudiusMinimus’ proposed villa/estate

  • Magenta Dotted Land: This is a partially constructed house that appears to be abandoned. It seems it has been that way for a while, but I will ask other in the area, or if anyone knows anything about the property, please let me know. This land also has several butchered Acadia trees that need to be cut down and replanted.

  • Yellow Dotted/Gray Filled Double Lines: These are proposed roads that connect to existing roads and make all the above mentioned proposed entities accessible by road via the Spawn Town road. (We need more roads for Sokomine’s excursions! I will have pumpkin slices waiting for Sokomine and aaaaa in the garden.)

Rome was not built in a day and this project will be a long term project for myself, but I would also invite others to participate with time and/or materials.

If there are any concerns, objections, or any other questions, please feel free to let me know.


Now there’s a direct way to the spawn :slight_smile:


Amazing sketch!


@dotti said:
Amazing sketch!



We have to talk about the way from spawn to your area because it leads through areas of other players, but we will find a good solution.


@dotti said:
We have to talk about the way from spawn to your area because it leads through areas of other players, but we will find a good solution.

I’m glad Milan and you like the sketch. If you have Inkscape, then I can provide the original file and make it available for editing, such as moving of roads. It is much easier to do move a conceptual road than an actual road.

Also, due to the fact I used the actual Illuna nightly map, updates for the sketch will include the latest builds and project progress, which will help facilitate and address potential issues that may arise.


soon the whole rome will be here :smiley:


@jakab said:
soon the whole rome will be here :smiley:

The question is will you be a Roman citizen or not? B)


i will ATTACK >:D hahahahaa


Yes indeed. Thank you for your help in this regard. B) I would have never thought of this, because I did not know about the underground tunnel. Thank you for the screen shot. I hope to have this monstrosity cleaned up and looking good today or I’m ripping it out and starting with a different type of bridge. Last night my son suggested I lay a grid over the image of the original Roman bridge (The hump-backed “Roman Bridge” on the Sella River), and I think I might be able to salvage this. However, I realized this bridge was originally designed for a river with high water flows, which this lake would not naturally experience, so I think the design is wrong for the area. (I just woke up, so I am rambling) :s


the uggly bridge eh ? :smiley:
(dont worry, he wrote it to a sign x) )


Well, I have cleaned it up a bit. Now I need some new textures to finish it. Here it is so far with the north half roughed out. The main thing that is needed are new textures for sandstone block saw and arc support


it looks mutch better then before :smiley:


I am in the process of laying out the roads that go around Terra Nova. I started two days ago by laying out torches. I am not roughing out the roads. Next I will make some minor upgrades to the roads. The Roman Bridge will span the water with the larger arches repeating in the middle and the smaller ones at the end. I am also placing markers with signs at various points, such as “The Future Site of the Colosseum” and some boundaries. If anyone wants to build within Terra Nova, please reference the sketch of the proposed Terra Nova and any updates. I encourage Roman themed builds within Terra Nova. Please let me know if you have any questions.


wow, you build the Roman Empire? :smiley:


@man0 said:
wow, you build the Roman Empire? :smiley:

And you may become a Roman citizen by building a Roman building: home, bath house, or whatever you want. Please let me know of your proposal and I will petition in your behalf before the Senate.

Soon the community projects will be announced, which you may participate in the planning and construction.

Remember: All roads lead to Rome.



Okay then I go to there and build a house. :smiley:


@man0 said:
Okay then I go to there and build a house. :smiley:

Today I will try to lay out plots for building neighborhoods - Roman style. @dotti will you help me with this?


I’m in! Awesome idea!


@Askalienkos said:
I’m in! Awesome idea!

Come by and see me and we will find a great place for you. =)