[TechEth] The Technic Ethereal Server

Not Just Ethereal and Technic!


This server is a result of years of experience and months of creation!
Illuna exists approximately 4 years from writing this post,
we had an incredible time with incredible players but mainly only with a VIP world,
which is protecting players by making it hard to join.
Not surprisingly, it is not too noisy over there so we decided to do something special
and provide an awesome server for everyone that comes with less medieval and more technic theme
and is … yea … kinda Final Fantasy ready from the initial thought.


However after a good half year of hard work, the result is: TechEth!
A server providing not only a huge modcollection counting 200+ mods but also heavily modified coremods.

You will enjoy biomes you’ve never seen before and a REALLY unique,
majestic+incredible mapgen also providing cool stuff … like everywhere as to see in the following map.
We tried to find a balance between being natural and senseful but at the same time fantasyrich and … hyphy.

Show me something!

Worldmap & Concept

This is an overview of how the world is designed (and modded) in its Y axes:

World Screenshots

These are by far not all amazing biomes but it would be way too much to show every single one.

Prepared for a ton of players

  • Hexa core Intel Xeon D-1531 Processor
  • 32G Memory
  • SSD powered
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • SSDB Database Server
  • 24/7 online
  • 100% Dedicated Machine

AWESOME! How do i join?

To join, use the following in your client:

  • IP: illuna.rocks
  • Port: 30002

This server is not designed for (casual/old) smartphones!
Your graphicscard will have a ton of leaves and complex 3D objects to render!
The server will make your client using about 1.6G to 3G of RAM!
Please keep this in mind to avoid clientlag/freezes.

See you around!

So is this what you will post on the Minetest Forum? :slight_smile:

i already posted something similar as a formatted image there.

jop hat ich vorhin gesehen :>

I think the picture for the Techeth server (link) at the illuna homepage could be better.
So I made lots of screenshots from the castle with different skyboxes active, to get a more interesting background than simple blue sky. Some are quite nice and will look even better as small picture, but i didnt edited them - sry Milan :wink:

  1. ThickCloudWater as skybox:

1.1. is made from 1k distance with zoom

1.2. from closer distance


  1. MiramarClouds skybox (creates a fantasy effect imo)


  1. SunSet skybox (sadly it looks not so nice as smal picture)



  1. FullMoon skybox (nice in full screen … but bad as button maybe)


These are beautiful and amazing images. I am so grateful this project has continued. I wish I could be a part of it still. Great work everyone! I miss you guys.


Awesome ! You guys build this by hand ? No WE ?

No, we used and still use creative and WE for that.

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