TechEth Maintenance (done)


In order to provide a cool live-map such as for VIP,
TechEth will shutdown for maintenance 4pm CEST.
This won’t take too long.


the maintenance is officially over - here is a (wip) live map preview.
the mountains and biopods are disturbing the view a bit atm


I hope you can delete all nodes above 2000


yes, should work, i may continue tomorrow


due a mistake, worldchanges from after the maintenance (or more exactly after the reboot about a hour later) 'til now are undone so far.
i am very sorry, the old dbserver showed up and the new one just say’s “okey, i just gonna idle around now” instead of drawing any error in such a case, very unfortunate.
in theory changes can be migrated over but i think (and hope) there wasn’t too much that happened around this time.