TechEth daily down time

Every day at 20:12 (my time) techeth shuts down and doesn’t restart. At 21:02 ctf shuts down and techeth then restarts, followed by ctf one minute later. So techeth is offline for 50 minutes each day.

I haven’t proven this yet, but I think ctf doesn’t restart on Sundays, which means techeth stays down for almost 25 hours.

For me, it seems like it shuts down for one hour each day. It’s not a problem and I think it’s not too invasive.

i am going to move the backups to a different location soon, this will hopefully speed things up :ok_hand:

Edit: for clarification, we are from germany, for our timezone, the backups run way before sunrise in the early morning :slight_smile:


The ctf server didn’t shutdown again, so techeth has been down for 4 hours. Is there a problem with the restart script?

The time when it shuts down and length of shutdown to do backups doesn’t matter. Ideally it would shutdown every hour to keep me from playing too long. :wink:

The CTF server previously only went back up because i forgot to remove it from the backup script, which started it after the backup was done (and shut it down when the TechEth backup was done, to perform its backup) - the backupscript has been updated to a different backuplocation and CTF was removed.

CTF is way outdated and never became a popular place so we for now decided to shut it down entirely. Sadly, even with solid leave :leaves: nodes, players suffered low fps in the forest anyway.

TechEth was down a bit longer as i did a mistake in the updated script and the inital backup was a ton of files and took a bit longer in general - next backups should be (hopefully!) quite quick as it is no longer a machine under heavy io load that takes care of our backups.

I personally dislike that we have to go down for backups in the first place, we didn’t need this for a long time with a modern and fast database backend, but now we got this cool webmap that requires a different backend that needs to shutdown in order to backup.

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Thanks for fixing it.

Where is this webmap you speak of?

Holy moly, just 4mins of backuptime today :exploding_head:

The map is to find at


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