Taj Mahal project

Hi everybody,
I finished my house, and seeing all the amazing stuff people build on illuna, having stocks of long mined material, I plan to build a replica of the so romantic Taj Mahal…

Given its dimensions (561x301) I have to ask first if I can start building. Looking on the map I found a river that has the same shape as the original, even though is much smaller.

Of course I do not intend to widen the river. But I will need to make some room ! :construction_site:

The site is located southwards from the ice house. The line figures the north limit of the site, but it’s not finished. It starts at 1160.5, 5.5, -4337.6

If I have clearance, I will first pursue the area limitations before any earthwork.

Have a nice day


I visited this area yesterday. West of this is a little area of @lokiteitor. So either you find an agreement for this area or you respect at least the 100 nodes.
But as far as i saw there are no other limitations for this amazing build.

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Thanks for the information. I think I could keep 150… But i’ll get in touch with @lokiteitor to make sure…

I’m sure you will do an amazing job building this. I am very excited to see its completion! :smiley:

I’ll probably spend more time earth working than building. I love long run projects :slight_smile:

And since I don’t only use TNT I start to have large amounts of material like dirt, sandstone, cobble and chalk mostly. So if any of you guys need some, feel free to help yourselves. OR, feel free to mine directly what you need in the area to carve out.

To access from my “grand” TN (there’s a booth in the TC) go to my attic and use the “grandB” TN next to it. Chests are located at “taj site”, and the 4 corners of the area are accessible.

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Could you please post the x,y,z position for me? :smiley:

1124.5, 2.5, -4437.3, your back to the river, mountain cutaway and chests on your left.

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I wanted to see “from space” my recent earth works, but the map on the site doesn’t seem up to date… Has the refresh rate been extended ?

Looks like it is from 2017-03-11.

Hence the question :slight_smile:

At last, I finished clearing out the base rectangle ! I wasn’t an 8 hours a day activity for sure, but took more than the last six months of my MT addiction :syringe: !

Too bad the map is out of order since then, we could have had progressive skyviews :artificial_satellite: !

Now I’m finishing the area’s limits to give it a more or less a not-too-cliffy-natural-look :deciduous_tree:. The south border is done, I’m working it out west at the moment, then’ll come east, for north doesn’t need.

Next post when I’ll start building !

Sounds great :smiley:

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This is so impressive…
(There is still a tiny floating island :smiley: )

Gee Thanks Dotti for that screenshot ! I couldn’t have done it myself ! I’m working on that grey cliff in the back.

so this is the area what you talked about! its so huge …
nice job! keep it up! +1

looks like the first messurements and outlines. and grand needs tuff.

Ryolithic tuff to be precise, it’s more reddish. If someone knows where I can mine some, just tell me, I’ll go and :pick:

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Thank you for the pictures dotti :slight_smile:

So far this project looks amazing :smiley:

Yes :slight_smile: Thx for the pictures, too high for me :slight_smile: