Stronger TNT and more

Hi there, since the latest updates were smaller, i didn’t announced them (as decided in a different thread).
Well lets try to remember and collect everything:

Podworld & Mainworld

  • since today, the TNT a radius of 8 instead of 3 (it still needs a restart of the mainserver)
  • since yesterday used soup will give you a bowl back
  • since yesterday on the podworld and today on the mainworld, there are illuna shop at the spawn (podworld) and at the marketplace (mainworld) where you can buy magical potions from donorcoins. We will announce this seperatly again.


  • since today, the IRC bot of the mainserver is called mainworld instead of just illuna. (it still needs a restart of the mainserver)


  • since two days, the mushroom steak is compatible with hunger
  • since yesterday, there is a public farm on the spawnpoint, great work made from ClaudiusMinimus and me.
  • the huge pods were mostly deleted and the issues wich generate them again are prevented so far.

I hope i didn’t forgot anything. :slight_smile:

Awesome now I can create bigger caves with tnt even faster :smiley:

thats nice :slight_smile:
i am with @coeseta :smiley: