Start of Terra Novum Domum

The Terra Novum Domum facade is up. After trying to find the right material, I chose sandstone and I think it is coming along well, though it will take a lot of sand. Hopefully, somebody knows of a good Sandstone quarry, if not, then I’ll be crafting a lot of sand from the deep ocean. The hardest part was finding the pattern that worked and getting the proportions right. I don’t know if this build will match what some of other amazing builds I’ve seen so far, but I like it. Feel free to come by and say hi. I have a TravelNet booth in the Travel Center.

The Front Facade of Terra Novum Domum

The Hills Behind Terra Novum

i didnt see it before ^^ but cool looking :slight_smile:

Thanks! =) > @jakab said:

i didnt see it before ^^ but cool looking :slight_smile:

Looks great :smiley:

All roads lead here!

@snowmann said:
All roads lead here!

Thanks for your help today! I made a lot of progress

I’ve some ideas I’m kicking around for doing some fun stuff. As you know I’ve grown oaks trees for dotti and have chopped and chopped, and then chopped some more. Well I still have much oak more to chop. I’ve moved a lot of my garden south, and it will be a community garden. I still have some more to move. I’ve excavated much of the base floor of the Temple. I need to research what I want to put inside.

Well, my little cognitive self thought about doing a fun, and big project. Seeing some of the incredible builds in Illuna has been a true inspiration of human creativity. Therefore head on over to the project section and you will see my proposed project.

Well the Sandstone Problem shouldbe solved by now, as my whole building area seems to sonstist of sandstone. Take as much as u need :wink:

I imagine much of Terra Nova will come from your mine. Thank you! =)

PS: Did you find the the cavern I lit up for you?