SPECIAL: Selling Houses in the kingdom


Still the same rules: tell me what you want to build in it/what it’s good for.


number 15 will become a shop, and with number 22 i think there ill build the spleef game, but im not sure if its possible since protection. if it not possible to build it there, ill build a few mesecon stuff to demonstrate them to others who interest in autofarmers, and stuff. oooor idk… yeah something liike thoese :wink:
is that ok ?


@Aule started to build a concept for an automatic spleef game. This will take a while I gues…

One house after an other… So you want 15 for a shop… What do you like to sell?


idk, ewerithing. wow i dont have exact plans, ill just set it on. i think ill sell some rare stuff from different bioms and caves. so spleef is out, then the mesecon stuff is ok for number 22 ?


I set up 15 for you.
We can talk about 22 or a free plot after that.