SPECIAL: Selling Houses in the kingdom


Between the castle and the travelcenter are 27 houses I built earlier this year.
But I left them empty and I even without windows.

And now the exciting news: I’d like to “sell” them to you, our trusted players.
I numbered all of them. Have a look inside.

  • Every player may choose one house.
  • Beginning now, you may post what YOU like to do with this house. What to build inside. Maybe some required changes on the outside?

The main point is:
These houses should provide some additional value to the server and all of our players.

I’ll start creating the necessary areas on December 1st.
If more than one player wants a certain house, I’ll pick the better offer!

Any questions?


what do we have to pay with ?


Your idea, your vision.




not too mutch interest eh ? :DDD
ill evolve a bit, and then buy the whole willage …

i dont understand actually… i think its a good idea with good houses!

players! if you dont know where to use theese houses, buy them anyways just for fun! or make it a storage, or a community fun fact (with mesecons, or make a maze, and stuff like that …) or just make it look cool, so players around can “WOOW” your decorations!


Hi. I’d like to have house 7 and make a brothel out of it. Seems fitting to that color :smiley:


House 7: N-Nachtigal for testing the idea and honestly I’m so thrilled, she can get another house or a building area.
House 12: Otter as a prize for winning the halloween building contest


My son and I have been playing on Illuna for about a month now. We could share one of the houses, if there is still one available. Do we qualify to get a house?


Where’s the benefit for new/all players?


We can set up a house for new players, where they can get some starter resources and quickly find good mining caverns. E.g. our dispenser will only take noob coins, and will offer good deals on armor, weapon, pickaxe, and light to get a new player started.


Amazing idea! Which house do you like? (There are numbers inside.)


We will check them again today. However, we would probably want a house that is relatively easy for noobs to find. Could we make a Blender model for a sign to hang out front?


This is something you have to talk to @Milan about.


Elvin and I checked out the houses, and we would like #8 for our Newcomer Welcome Center.


Okay. I’ll set up the area the next time I’m ingame.



Dear trusted players: houses anyone?


What about an indoor marketplace where players could sell items, like baked goods, food, armor, or whatever starts to have value? That might help to grow an in-game economy.


This is a point I really don’t understand. If I were a player I’d have built giant markets next to all four beginner villages. After months of nothing MisterStiro built some little markets.
An other point are the borders of the kingdom: There are ways in all cardinal directions until ±1000. And then there is nothing.

And then this - in my eyes - amazing option to get a house in the center of the map. And only two players requested one…


let me be the next one :slight_smile:
im at the perfect evolution stage to have a few house at the spawn:
i would like to have the ‘15’, and ‘22’ houses.
tell me what to pay with :>