Space-Goblin Invasion - the latest Updates on Illuna


Space-Goblin Invasion - the latest Updates on Illuna

Howdy partypeople of Illuna!
It’s exactly two months since our previous update-collection and many things happened in the meantime!

Before we start, it’s important to say that we are very very happy with the playeractivity these weeks, thank you for being part of Illuna!

Alright then, here we go:

:earth_africa: Events & Announcements on the TechEth Server

:santa: Christmas Event

Our christmas event is big success, many of you already solved both mazes and got your santa caps and rudolph costumes…and had the opportunity to leave some wishes and suggestions.
Congratulations everyone, santa will review your requests, good luck and nice job, we hope you had fun and are happy with your new exclusive items!

:star2: 5000 Spawns

Behold, stars have fallen onto our magical world… .
Each one represents a new starting point, kinda as extension to our beginner villages, where you can have a fresh start, far away from everything. They have minimal protection, you are welcome to be creative.
There are teleport pads in our travelcenter, enjoy!

:earth_africa: Updates for the TechEth Server

:clown_face: Exclusive Costumes and Armor

We finally introduced our first exclusive Armor - i write it this way because on Illuna, you can expect you skin to be at least as strong as diamond armor…but there is also actual armor. :grin:

This is what we got as of now:

  • Santa Cap (Event)
  • Rudolph Suit (Event)
  • Armor of a great Warrior (for Donorcoins)

We also hardened Mithril-Armor which was kinda missing since mithril is supposed to be the strongest mineral on Illuna.

:art: Textures

New Admin Shield Texture so we are pleasing to watch. :sunglasses:
…but more is going to arrive!

:meat_on_bone: Food



In an attempt to add some more logic, fluor is now to be crafted from wheat seeds instead of wheat, bread (and donuts as of now) have to be cooked in the furnace now.
Some recipes around wheat have been updated as consequence.
More is going to happen on this topic.


…can now be crafted into slices (normal cooked bacon you can eat).

:rabbit: Mobs

Most newly spawned mobs do now prefer biomes nearby the ground (around y+0 to y+300), there are only some exceptions such as bears, yetis, sheeps - this made room for other mobs to join the party, so in the high areas of the techeth-world, you may now meet some flying pigs and monsters that in some cases aren’t usually to find on the ground.
Since this is a pretty fresh change, there will be some balancing changes and additions in the future…however the most interesting part may be that our biopods are now overtaken by senderman and space-goblins … those goblins even fly around the asteroids! :wat:

:information_source: Good to know about Senderman

  • removed from the ground, they only appear in biopods
  • you’ll have to fight their sceletons when you kill them

:information_source: Good to know about Space-Goblins

  • there are two kinds, flying ones on asteroids and more “regular” ones in biopods
  • they gonna team up against you
  • some may have stolen some fancy items :dizzy:

:information_source: Good to know about Flying Pigs

  • explosive warning :boom:

:toolbox: Further Modimprovements

  • Mobs no longer spawn in protected areas (including protection nodes)
    Edit: this is a temporaly workaround against too many mobs in areas kept loaded like with mesecon/pipeworks machines: Reference
  • Updated xdecor from upstream
  • Make douglasie leaves only drop one item at a time
  • New Illuna Notes for eg. Discord, Travelcenter and Christmas-Event
  • New flying infotext for the Illuna Market teleporter
  • Add missing recipes for orange and pink in illuna_ethereal
  • Correct purple recipe to magenta in illuna_ethereal
  • Updated replacer from upstream so it now respects protected areas and got a blacklist
  • Updated 3darmor from upstream

:white_check_mark: Bugfixes

  • ensured that /areas stay’s available for players with the trusted_player privilege
  • merge bugfix for Dragons against servercrash, supplied by @jackdavidson
  • resolve errors caused by christmas_craft overwrites
  • the annoying sprint-bug that resets walkspeeds for players with for example crystal-boots
    has been fixed
  • Fix floating red mushrooms from saplings
  • Remove previously removed recipes from xdecor which returned unknown (because removed) items

:earth_asia: Updates for other worlds

VIP World

Does now announce itself with the adress of its machine, so the serverlist does not throw an error anymore and actually lists it again. Looks like VIP players may expect some bones to loot in the near future.


  • Is back available for now
  • Tree Leaves update so they are solid nodes for better client performance (client-lag haunting)

:wrench: Web Updates


  • New WIP DarkTheme - finally! :tada:
  • New CustomEmojis (requests?) :doge:
  • New reaction plugin (which will hopefully work nice again soon - adding it updated our forum and broke it temporaly :troll:)


  • Updated website design for unification with the forum (eg. background/transparency)
  • Added Discord link to website (did you join our Discord yet?!)
  • The Website has also been updated so that it is way less broken on smartphones, hooray! :tada:

:wave: Thanks for reading

*pew* this was alot to read.
We hope it was worth it and that you are happy with those updates!
Actually, the increased player activity is very motivating for moving forward with all this stuff, it’s nice having you with us!


Amazing hord of updates O-o its cool we have this illuna team to keep ewerithing fresh, and yummy :smiley: i have no more words… Its so cool to see all theese people playing illuna :slight_smile: :partying_face:


Yeah. Good work we did!


Great Update :slight_smile:

Mobs no longer spawn in protected areas (including protection nodes)

This makes it impossible to build mob farms on your property or protect them :confused:
Also breaks my sandman farm :frowning:


I’m sorry, this is a needed workaround for mob-overflow - the dev of the mod is aware of this issue, this setting can be changed back as soon as there is a proper solution.


actually you can build with protection nodes: just need to build around the spawning area without protecting it, so mobs still going to spawn :smiley:
im mostly happy with this update, so i havent holes in my house becoulse flying pigs …


The problem is that my farm is in a protected area.

Don’t worry it is not urgent :slight_smile:


Unless the goal is to completely prevent building in the biopods, the spawn rate on these things is way too high.


I am already in negotiations with them, it was delayed, please have patience, i am confident less will arrive soon :slight_smile:


It’s always hard to figure out perfect spawn settings. Thanks for your feedback.