Some texture try :)


hi wisiters :slight_smile:

i just was making some textures for myself, but i want to show you how do you like it :slight_smile:
there are not too mutch changes:

i always saw that the floor’s wood is lots loong loong loong deck:
so i want to make it like this (becoulse it hasnt so long desks) :
and i realy liked this idea :
so i created this :
and woala, mutch better :smiley: :
also i just renamed the gold lump from “moreblocks:gold_lump” to “default:gold_lump” (sry i havent schreenshot of it :stuck_out_tongue: )
and the the gold lump is now looks like the silver’s or the tin’s texture :slight_smile:

and theese was my first test of texturemaking :smiley: :


happy face walls


yes, it was just a test :smiley:


update :slight_smile:

they are double of the illuna texture, but looks cool :slight_smile:


and a missing illuna texture :smiley: :

(i cant upload in edit ??)


@jakab said:
i always saw that the floor’s wood is lots loong loong loong deck:
so i created this :

I really like this B) Maybe you could do a pull request for this texture or show it to @coeseta I would also like to use these planks.


actually i showed him (by this theard) but i dont know how to put on theese textures, to easy download :stuck_out_tongue:
if that good, i can create a download to a comment at :
but you have to put it by yourself to the /minetest/textures/“illuna texture”/default_wood.png … etc…
so if that good, i can put all my stuff/changes to the comment :slight_smile:
(maybe ill create a folder…)


fixed a texture :slight_smile: (fence)


and adobe :slight_smile: (milan i need to put pictures in edit xP )


Adobe is already a new texture, also we cant use that wood texture of yours, because it uses the borderland texture as base texture which might become problematic license wise.
One of our goals is to get rid of the borderlands textures to have a correctly licensed texture pack.


eweribodey can use that wood as i can :slight_smile:


@jakab said:
eweribodey can use that wood as i can :slight_smile:

While it is true anyone decide to use a copyright protected texture, a server cannot, unless they want to attract litigation. Intellectual Property rights are taken very seriously in many countries. I love your wood texture, but @coeseta is absolutely correct with his goal to be sure Illuna’s textures are legally free of copyright infringement.


yes :slight_smile:
that why you can use this texture
i did : downloaded the illuna’s texture and i reworked it. then i enabled it like a mod, and it works eweriwhere :slight_smile:
dont need to put it in the server (just a download button)
who like it, he will able to get it :slight_smile:


@jakab said:
dont need to put it in the server (just a download button)

Please be sure to not put the download button pointing to an image on an Illuna operated server. Even having a link on this forum might not be good, You should ask @Milan how he wants this handled.


we talked a lot of this dont worry :wink:
i wont put it to this forum, maybe to a comment at minetest forum…
or milan told me a page, but he didnt send me a link yet :stuck_out_tongue:
(i wrote it wrong sorr)


You are correct you took it from the server jakab, but the original texture came from another texture pack. We don’t own the license for that and we are probably not even allowed to alter any of those textures. Those borderlands textures are giving me a stomachache to be honest.


aha i see :stuck_out_tongue:
but i still not understand how did we copy it if we dont have the license ?
if you download it and transform it to minetest, it will be yours. you can do with it anithing
or isnt ?


jakab, I’ll explain this when I get home.