Smartshop mod fixes/updates

The smartshop uses a fixed indent to right-align the price quantity. This causes the price to be partially or mostly cut off for prices larger than 9 due to it being clipped out the right side of the button. This patch fixes it, but you might need to convert init.lua from DOS to unix linefeeds to apply the patch.

The version used on Illuna is about two years behind upstream, which has wifi storage, supports pipeworks and who knows what other features it has added, but @afk wants them. :wink:

I have also pushed the patch upstream, it may or may not be applied considering last commit was two years ago.

All entities were removed recently with /clearobjects and shop owners must run around opening and updating their shops to show the item entities again. This patch allows shop to be punched by any player to refresh the entities.

And I sent it upstream…

Clearobjects also would remove all things on pedestals and texts on signs!

It may even be that we went with a stripped down version of this mod… i don’t quite remember :think_bread:
…i am open for replacing it with the upstream version - what do you think @dotti @jakab ?


sounds good to me, i may be able to refill my shops with a much larger quantity of items, so it runs out much slower xD

no further opinions? @Head? @trust_level_2?

I already gave you a heart. So update! :smiley: