Shall we change our primary domain to

Hey partypeople!

I just rented a domain called
It was meant as a short-domain to make it more simple from ingame to access our sites.

Well, @ClaudiusMinimus suggestest that we should use it as our primary domain instead.

Pro: awesome association
Con: it does not server minetest in its name.

It is also important for me to know @coeseta’s optinion since he really likes our current domain.

But let’s create a vote anyway!

  • Keep our current domain and use for short urls ingame
  • Migrate everything to and drop

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Ill choose the option saying “i dont know/care/understand/etc.” :smiley: as long as i am able to reach Iluna somwhow ^^

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I think there might be a third option, which is to migrate to, and use it to move forward with, but to keep the old domain for backward compatibility and so old users can sill find us.

The second option includes the third option for sure, anything else would be a mess :grin:

I realized has at least two meanings:

  1. Illuna is cool
  2. Illuna has rocks (stones) to mine

Maybe just a silly thought from an old man, but I like it when words can have multiple meanings as a descriptor.