Server updates and broken ore spawners

The server and some mods were updated and known issues have been fixed. Please post any crashes or other issues here.

And now some sad news for anyone with ore spawners, especially those with a lot of them. They no longer work and you must remove the ingots, dig up the spawner and place it again. I fixed a crash removing ingots from gold and iron spawners but old copper spawners are still crashing. And for some more bad news. The new spawners are more efficient and completely turn off when they run out of ingots or stone. You must manually click the restart button or punch the spawner to wake them up. And even more bad news. Filling with robot from empty doesn’t update the fuel and punching or restart button won’t work. You must manually take and put the ingots yourself. It appears that once the spawner is running, it will run forever when a robot fills it. You must simply do a little more work if it runs out of fuel or stone. Good news though, spawners don’t appear to stop if a player isn’t within 16 blocks!

Not too much bad news :slight_smile:
And your gold farm doesn’t seems to be in danger, too :smiley:

I re-placed every spawner in my gold farm today. But there is a new issue in mesecons or pipeworks that is causing node breakers to get stuck a lot and break the farm. So I must redesign the farm yet again to compensate.

And signs now display | pipe characters which were used in the past to create blank lines. I had to edit a hundred or more signs to fix that problem. And LCDs not only display the pipe character now but also no longer wrap the line, so I’m not sure how to create blank lines on them.