Server crash and dirt stays dirt

I tried the following with me (N-Nightingale and Monks Base):
Chakram of ostara can destroy blocks when you throw it. I threw it against the wall and the server crashed.

Dirt is not greened. If you put a dirt block next to a grass block, the grass doesn’t grow over it, even the super glow glass didn’t help. (Test by Dotti)Dirt stays dirt and the lawn watches. :smiling_imp:

Did you use the chakram in a protected area?

The dirt problem is very old :smiley: But I thought it was patched some time ago…

me too… and for me locally it still seems to be worky…

It’s also working on the server - I think it was just too less light. Maybe the crystal dirt needs a light level above 12 to spread.

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All dirt needs 13 light or greater to spread.

And I can confirm that throwing the chakram of ostara crashes server with:

ServerError: AsyncErr: ServerThread::run Lua: Runtime error from mod 'default' in callback luaentity_Step(): ...netest/games/illuna/mods/chakram/illuna_easter_event.lua:228: bad argument #2 to 'punch' (number expected, got table)
stack traceback:
      [C]: in function 'punch'
      ...netest/games/illuna/mods/chakram/illuna_easter_event.lua:228: in function <...netest/games/illuna/mods/chakram/illuna_easter_event.lua:66>

I’ll look at the code tomorrow or the next day…

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@Milan This patch fixes the chakram crash.

thank you, it will be live by tomorrow morning. along with your other patches :heart:

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