Sapling crafting mashine

since I need a whole punch auf jungletreesaplings and had a lot of leafes left fram colecting them, a built a machine which just places leaves to dig it after sometimes that leads to a sapling. if not, it places it again.


Nice, thanks for sharing! Smart to use a node detector, I am sure that speeds up the production :wink:
I have a slightly different setup with the same purpose (I also use this for other rare item drops).

Here is my setup:

I originally used a blinky plant to give the signal, but I have since hooked the machine up to an adjustable mesecon clock so that it breaks and places nodes faster than with a blinky plant:

This can be hard on the FPS, so it is of course equipped with a piston switch mechanism to turn off when needed:


Here is a machine that uses 1 breaker, 1 deployer, 2 detectors, 2 wires, 4 tubes and 1 sorting tube to place and break blocks.

Detector near deployer is set to “air” and detector near breaker is “default:dirt” or whatever you want to place. The blue side of sorting tube is the item you want to produce (bones, saplings, …). The chest can be replaced with an autocrafter to convert bones to bonemeal.

And here is a program you can copy into a robot to quickly do the same thing without setting up a machine.

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