Rubber tree leaves

Rubber tree leaves are solid now. Can one change this back so that the leaves behave like all the others?

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one certenly can do that… will look into it

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Ethereal changes default leaves, this patch applies those changes to rubber leaves.

diff --git a/technic_worldgen/rubber.lua b/technic_worldgen/rubber.lua
index 11da9ca..a1cd25a 100644
--- a/technic_worldgen/rubber.lua
+++ b/technic_worldgen/rubber.lua
@@ -41,6 +41,10 @@ minetest.register_node(":moretrees:rubber_tree_trunk_empty", {
 minetest.register_node(":moretrees:rubber_tree_leaves", {
 	drawtype = "allfaces_optional",
 	description = S("Rubber Tree Leaves"),
+	drawtype = "plantlike",
+	visual_scale = 1.4,
+	walkable = false,
+	waving = 1,
 	tiles = {"technic_rubber_leaves.png"},
 	paramtype = "light",
 	groups = {snappy=3, leafdecay=3, flammable=2, leaves=1},
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thanks, but i wonder what update may actually cause this, rubber.lua was not touched on latest updates and i did not continue merging ethereal yet…

Did technic not get properly updated on the server? The repo shows the previous patch is applied and my local server works fine.

The bush leaves (default:bush_leaves and default:acacia_bush_leaves) are also solid.
Would it make sense to also adapt them to the other leaves?