🚀 About the Server behind Illuna


yes but you said that you want to move all your stuff to the dedicated server. My point was to move just the illuna stuff to a gameserver and keep the tchncs stuff on the kvm. so you can shutdown one kvm and save that money


No. I cannot rent a 30-40€ machine and rent a around 10€ machine for tchncs.de, this is not possible.


Would it be possible to find an IT company to help sponsor Illuna/tchncs.de by providing or partially providing some of the services? I realize this is probably not feasible, but maybe one of the players has connections to a company with an IT infrastructure and/or maybe have an old unused server that would be more powerful than a kvm server on a shared host.


I asked a bunch of companys today but without any success.
The cheapest maybe fitting server i found was:

amd opteron octa core at 2.4GHz

But it would be a hoster i heard bad things about.
Also they wanna force me to a setup fee of 29€ whish would be ~50% of all the money if have.

Beside this, i replaced our NGINX webserver with Caddy today.
The setup is not yet finish - if you find html serving issues / slow downs / speed ups / … .
Please write me a PM.
Caddy is a very cool and modular project written in Golang.


Sounds like a hosting company to avoid. I wish I could help you more. I’ll let you know if I notice anything. With Christmas almost here, I might not be online as much.

Even so, I wish you are all a very Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all :slight_smile: This discussion makes me wonder… I’ll share with my mates at the hackerspace… maybe we could help.


Thanks grand :slight_smile:
Merry christmas to all too :christmas_tree:


I spent several hours yesterday to improve the mailsetup from the illuna server to send for example all system notes to the external system mailbox from tchncs.de - now the awesome netdata project can really show how awesome it is.
Since munin collects every five minutes, netdata works in realtime and is way more precise:

As always, our hoster is already informed and still willing to help - as soon he got a new hostmachine, we will be moved and safe for an amount of time.
'Til then, we have to life with it or find a new dedicated server.

PS: One thing is to note for people who wanna help like @grand:
We cannot take a place as a guest on someone elses server.
This has two main reasons:

  • security for all the users data including forum, cloud and minetest
  • security for our services as i made two times a very sad experience with this until suddenly deletion of all my data


In that case… would the point be to find a suitable machine and give it to illuna ?


Yes, but it is currently impossible for money reason.
A little hope would be the upcoming open server, maybe more players generate more donors.

We will move the the hosters new hostmachine some short time after christmas.


We moved to the new hostmachine yesterday and are the first vserver there.
Should be safe for some months - still hoping we’ll be able to get a dedicated server somewhen.


I noticed last night the server ran very smoothly. :smile: