🚀 About the Server behind Illuna

You may wonder on what machine you’re playing.
Here wanna tell you about it :slight_smile:

  • CPU(s)~ 6 core Intel Xeon E5-1650 v3s (-HT-MCP-SMP-) speed~3499 MHz (max)
  • Kernel~4.5.4-1-ARCH x86_64
  • Mem 14036.1MB 12020MB
  • HDD~171.8GB SSD
  • 1 Gbit/s Ethernet
  • automatic voxility DDoS protection
  • Location: Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • Archlinux virtual Server using KVM
  • SSDB Database-Server

You can help us to stay on this nice Serverspecs and
keeping Illuna alive by supporting us with a small donation. :3

Our server is rent by Servercow a nice high quality hoster who is
supporting our project with a special package for a special price. :tada: :heart:

Wow! Wow! Wow!

yay archlinux :smiley: thats the best !

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Just updated to the current developement state… looks like everything went fine :3

if everithing is fine, the server will fine (and i will fine too) :smiley:

updated serverspecs:

6x2099MHz => 8x3499MHz

I am happy to see the difference in the lag statistics since we moved the server:


the yellow is the lag ?
you know what i am mean :stuck_out_tongue:
hopefully :smiley:

Yes, description for the graphs are here included: https://illuna-minetest.tk/stats

ah okey thanks :3

Updated specs:

  • mentioned ddos protection
  • instead 8cores we have now 6cores
  • instead 14G memory we have 12G now

Well, whenever I do a pacman -Syu the whole family just starts laughing saying will the system be borked now again :slight_smile:
Anyway, how do you upgrade your archlinux server (I guess it’s headless)? Do you have a testing repository or just trust the repo? I’m asking this because archlinux (which I use at home and at work as desktop) tends to use cutting edge upstream packages, which sometimes are pretty unstable. I have experienced lots of failures that way, the most recent just days ago (nvidia new version just refuses to make opengl to work).

UPDATE: just now I saw, you’re using KVM, so probably you make snapshots and can revert easily.

I am using 99% the regular repositorys.
Some little tools are coming from the AUR.

I don’t do snapshots (hm when the server started i didn’t know btrfs so good as now :smirk:) but our hoster makes full-system backups weekly.

Arch is a way more stable and server ready as the people tell - there is nearly no update which breaks anything.
Well sure, php7 was a problem for our old forum, thats the reason why it was hosted on the tchncs.de machine which is debian. But now we have a ruby forum anyway.
I never experienced unstable updates, arch uses stable releases in the official repos as far as i know… .
Well, except, maybe, my damn nvidia driver (prop.) on my computer.

That is good to hear. I want to stress that the problems I get from upgrading are all due to upstream errors. On a headless server I would expect far less breakages. And yeah, don’t even start talking about nvidia… :frowning:
BTW, AUR, check this out: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?SeB=m&K=SanskritFritz (shameless self promotion :slight_smile: )

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Impressive … it looks like you know your archlinux.

Regarding Nvidia It don’t work on my Manjaro, Arch most of the time and sometimes even on Fedora, CentOS too. Even using Bumblebee i have problems running programs on Nvidia. :slight_smile: No wonder why Mr. Linus Torvalds show this to Nvidia. :stuck_out_tongue: Linus Torvalds on Nvidia (1 finger 2 words) xD

Yeah, nvidia can be a pain in the neck. The saddest thing is that even nouveau doesn’t work here with my nvidia card (GeForce 8600 GT) at all.

Hey friends, there is something i have to talk about.
As the most of you know, a KVM server is a virtual machine on a shared host with fixed ressources.
But if the hostmachine is busy and the neighborhood is using a bunch of ressources, all other virtual machines
will slow down.
This is our current problem, looks like the neighbors are using too much cpu power so our game slows down.
Our only option to avoid thise trouble is to move to a didicated rootserver.
This would be a “real” machine and for sure more expensive.

I am currently writing with our hoster and cannot garant how much is will cost and what hardware we get.
But one thing is clear:
It is that expensive that i am forced to move all the tchncs.de services to it for decreasing the costs.
Now i am in the fear that we do not get enough graceful donators to keep such a machine with something between 30-40EUR or sightly more, not yet clear, running - i would lose all my stuff i am hosting for a time i would need to move everything back to a kvm in such a case it it would be horrible for production services to do so.

So… what is your opinion about?

I don’t really have a solution. But that’s always the problem with Donations. You don’t know when they will stop donating.

The only other thing I can think of is getting a gameserver for Minetest and keep the tchncs.de stuff on the KVM.
I don’t know how much a gameserver for 10-20 people will cost, but I’m sure here are some guys who will donate a few bucks a month to keep it running.

If illuna is gone from the KVM you can save some money there, I guess.

The tchncs.de services are not on the Illuna KVM.
Even not on the same node.