Return of Geomoria - the latest Updates on Illuna


:earth_africa: Updates in the TechEth World

:comet: Spawnpoint

Our Worldmap:compass: has moved to the actual Spawnhouse because
new people often miss the old location. We hope that new players
now get a better understanding of how the world is structured on TechEth. :wink:

:european_castle: Kingdom

Right now you can buy yourself a fancy house nearby the Illuna Castle.
In order to be qualified, you must have the trusted_player privilege,
or be qualified for getting the privilege by being part of our Community-Forum and
being an active and trustworthy player for at least 30 days.
Read more about the event here.

:wrench: Technical Updates

The following updates only apply to the TechEth server.

:white_check_mark: Bugfixes

  • Geomoria has been updated to upstream and will now be part of the mapgen again,
    there was sadly a bug that prevented it from being generated, which we didn’t realize.
  • You can now dig Hotstone:hotstone: , sorry for messing this one up :sweat_smile:
  • Mesecons has been updated to the latest upstream,
    the merge made the Pressureplates:pressure_plate: vanish - this has been fixed as well (oops!)
  • A conflict that overwrote the Steelsign:sign_steel:-recipe has been resolved
  • Missing dye aliases have been added:
    • aqua -> cyan
    • skyblue -> cerulean
  • copper+chest now returns a protected chest, this recipe was overwritten by other mods
  • The Homedecor toilet recipe is now working again and now shows up in the craftguide

:toolbox: Modimprovements

  • Hotstone now drops Hot Cobble:hot_cobble:
  • Due to nasty bugs and incomplete integration,
    the Experience mod has been disabled and only remains in a dummy-state for now.
  • Pumpking-Booms have been enabled for the sake of our Halloween-Event,
    they may remain as they don’t really do environment-damage anymore, this is not yet decided.
  • After getting some opinions of our players the Wiki now pops-up after the Login,
    this way we hope to make players more aware of Events, News and Rules.
  • Technic has been updated to upstream
  • Rubbertree-Leaves now behave just like other leaves (climbable, visuals)

:speech_balloon: Updates on the Chat:

As we got a lovely new Discord-Server, the chat is now also delivered to Discord.
The new behavior is like this:

   Matrix ⟷ IRC ⟷ Minetest

:busts_in_silhouette: Updates on Playerbase

We are happy to see that the amount of active players did not decrease since the latest Update-Summary.
Actually the amount did increase a little bit as we got some new players, happy to have you all with us!