Respect of other people


Good day guys,

I think when you go in someone village, and they let 1 door open because server close, or have 1 open chest… be respectfull and dont empty everything… that is called been a theft.

would you like that personne TNT back everything not protected on your village, go put lava or make a meltdown over your village…?

think about it and be respectful of other work


The old conflict of freedom and security.
Yes. Respect other player’s property! Don’t steal, don’t destroy, don’t build too near. Talk to them and solve conflicts before they appear.
These are the principles Illuna VIP is based on. No protection at all and in the beginning no player limitation. Then we introduced a magic word to be found in the rules, then we forced players to register in the forums and finally no new players.
It’s so sad: it doesn’t work with all players.

So the consequence for Illuna Techeth: PROTECT YOUR STUFF! There are plenty ways doing that.

We had an incident about one week ago. A player found a way into another’s base and took stuff out of not locked chests.

After a complaint, we found out very fast who it was. But what to do?
Sure, punishment could be a solution here, but the other player didn’t protect his stuff… It’s complicated. The player who took stuff was cooperative and gave it back.

Running around and threatening using TNT (a privilige for trusted players only!!!) is definitively not a solution at all.

Don’t steal. Protect your stuff.
And if something happens write a message to @Milan and me.


I definitely agree with @dotti that you should protect your stuff, as soon as possible (use that first or second gold ingot on a protection node for your base)
In a perfect world, protection wouldn’t be necessary. Alas, as I have found several times already, protection is a must for anything that you build, even if it is as inconsequential as a fence and some trees (rip tree farm 1.0 :cry:).
From my experience (so far): If you are building something, protect it as soon as the foundations are down, and keep it a secret (ie put it on a hidden travelnet) until you are ready to share the build-in-progress as a precaution.
And PLEASE don’t go and take someone else’s stuff without first talking to them. I feel that a lot of players (me included) would be happy to lend things to other people, but taking first and then asking isn’t right.


i personally just go faaaaaaaaar away from spawn, and i protect my stuff, but especially my travelnet boxes. so random players dont wisit my places. i personally dont ewen have a TC box …