Request for Sponges

I built a structure in the ocean and thought I could easily remove the 40,000 water source blocks with a few pieces of well placed sand, I was wrong. I then found the sponge in ethereal and was excited until I realized Illuna didn’t have it, and it probably wasn’t feasible to upgrade the mod. But then @Dirk suggested the sponge be added instead of upgrading.

And luckily, the commit applies cleanly even though Illuna’s fork is many years behind. It contains images and must be applied with git am.

So, could we have sponges? :joy:

Also, I’m not sure why, but Sandy sand (coral and sponges grow on it) is not available in creative menu, would the creative people like a patch to make it available?

Is Sandy Sand available using the crystal shovel? I don’t think I saw any Sandy Sand before, I only know about some sand types from the sea modpack… :thinking:

I think sponges is not enough.
The whole under waterbuilding experience on techeth is expandable. Months ago I said to Milan I’d like to have at least the blocks from xoceans but it simply looks as I didn’t hit him hard enough.
For adding the mod including generating monuments in water I assume it’s several years too late now, but at least for creative building I actually need them to progress in the submarine section in the kingdom.

I have no experience with sandy sand…

@Dirk Yes, you can dig Sandy sand with a crystal shovel and place it elsewhere to make a farm. It needs a source water block above, and maybe some light to spawn coral.

@dotti The xoceans mod would be nice, but the blocks might not be obtainable in survival.

@auouYmous there are several nodes not obtainable for survival, I can live with that

@Milan Any chance we could get this patch?

Also, the xocean mod is at GitHub - starninjas/xocean and didn’t cause any issues with the other illuna mods.

@dotti Hehe, it would be cool if the market sold them to the less fortunate masses. :slight_smile:

i like the idea. i even propose to make this happen in the illuna market somewhere

i could live with that.
you just need to think about the prices…

obviusly they will be stupidly overpriced :smiley:

(im going on a vacation for a week though, so i might have to do it later lol)

Thanks, the patch has been added. I will retry merging ethereal (and farming) soon – the problem was/is that they were restructured upstream. Best would be to override whatever possible to make the overall TechEth structure similar to AestiVal.

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