Rejoining ; See you all soon!


I haven’t played in a long time and i plan on joining sometime next week.
Because i haven’t played in such a long time i may have issues and constantly find trouble , i will try not to cause too much inconvenience .
See you all soon!


If there is a way to change your username , please tell me.
And why doesn’t the map work like it used too?


well, welcome back again, even if i dont think so that we met before :slight_smile:


Welcome back :slight_smile:


Our map became too large for the current solution and there was nothing alternative found in time.
There is still one thing i wanna try out to bring it back but right now i have like no time for anything.

Where? Ingame?

I expect ur going to join the VIP server, feel free to have a curious look at our TechEth server first even tho it is a public one with protection and all teh things.

See you soon.


Im coming tomorrow , i am not sure what server to go . I see three servers when i searched “illuna” can someone tell me which one to enter?


Do the servers ever close? If it does, when?

When i join i will most likely start from scratch , its more fun this way.


MAp has changed alot , pls help me


30002 is our new techeth server - if vipworld is important for you, choose port 30000.
no plans for closing the server.


When are you on 30002 server?
Im having trouble surviving
when i tried to join the vip server my password was incorrect , could you give my new account (Drocsidium) interaction?


I can do that, when are you usually online?
Are you sure you want a new account on vip? All your old things will still belong to your old account.


On school days , around 4:00 PM Pacific standard time. On the weekends , im on usually after 1:00 PM PST

How about you?

I can go back to my old base and use the things i find there , right?


Looks like there is 9 hours time difference :confused:
If you can still login to your old account then you can access it.


Maybe someone else can help me at my time?
My password doesn’t work for my old account.


Maybe you can pm me some default password you want and when you login you can change it yourself? That should work if I remember correctly.


Sounds good but i don’t know how to PM you…


When does most people get on ? Whenever i go on the server im usually all alone.


i think they are on 20:00 (CET) and after. i am online at 08:00 - 10:00 (CET) usally :slight_smile:
tell us witch time zone you are in!


Pacific Standard Time (CET)


then you just have to join at night :slight_smile: or wery early morning maybe …