Rebuilding Elvas - project

Hi there!
its been a while since i last posted anything. Some of you already know, that i am currently rebuilding the whole VIP area that got migrated. Why ? because TechEth mapgen is not suitable for my kind of large building style. But, the migrated area has very good spots, and the buildings there are 5 or 6 years old, so i decided to rebuild the whole place :smiley: Here you can see the first new building, Elvas fort itself:

uh, these pictures will be outdated very soon, and i will upload more screenshots of the place from time to time :slight_smile: if you’re having trouble finding the site, contact me ingame. (Travel Center, Second floor, and a teleport pad under a yellow black “flag”)

Have a good day!


throne room (a bit upgraded for those who seen it already)

share your thoughts!

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Seeecreet tunnneeell… Seeeecrrreeett tunnnnnelllll!!! :smiley:

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some activity:

So I’ve been working on something else recently, and didn’t make huge progress, but here you can see the before and after pictures :smiley:
this is what i’m working on atm:
this picture is an old top-down view screenshot which im using to show you the old buildings which i am rebuilding.

and this is the result of a few days work on that part:

it still needs some work, but the exterior is nearly done! ill post a screenshot when its completed.

and here is a picture of how the top down view looks like now:

(sorry for poop resolution, i coulndt upload a better one due to the restrictions)

Any ideas are appreciated! have a good day!

exterior of little fort completed:

guys, the forum is dead or what ? xD

I hope the forum is not dead ! Nice work as usual !

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This image is soooo fisheyed !!

cant see much activity unfortunately :frowning:

Looks good! Much more roofs than before :smiley:

old boat byebye, new boat welcome:

not a huge difference, i wanted it to represent the old one for the memory :slight_smile:
but it fits much better now!

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Aaaand, on the new land i started working on this cathedral not so long ago, and i now consider the exterior as finished. the interior will be made too, thanks to the new mod :smiley:

sorry for low resolution, The forum doesnt allow me to upload the original screenshot :confused:


Very nice! Are those windows semi-transparent or are the walls purple and it just appears to have purple windows? And what new mod?

They are transparent colored windows, just like the windows from Medieval_craft (uses the same texture).
It’s a mod i made quickly, and Milan was kind enough and added the first version of it :smiley: