Realistic looking skies


Hi everyone,
On several of the screenshots here at the forum the sky and the clouds look realistic, like in a photography, and not like the usual plain colored sky with block shaped clouds. I think that looks really cool! Is this a specific mod you guys have installed locally or is there a setting on the server? Sorry if this is really obvious – I am still quite new to Minetest overall.



Try /skybox ;).
Only have in mind: there still is day and night!


Indeed, everyone can set its own “sky background” by the command /skybox
the possible sky names are shown if you just enter the command “/skybox” alone in the chat. There are:


and some more which I added to the original mod:

Sadly I still experience errors with the skybox, which means
it is set back to the default MT day-sky (but without the day / night cycle) as soon as:

  • I enter nodes with “noclip” …
  • sunrise or sunset time starts

Something similar happens with the special sky in the “asteroid” levels of the map. Maybe someone should ask the creator of the asteroid mod (Shara) how this can be repaired.


I believe your no-clip issue is caused by a different quick-fix for players so that they don’t get the skybox when they are in a huge cave - players don’t aule around so it is nothing important…


Thanks for this – it works.
Although I had an issue with it never getting dark at night (got surprised by a couple of nightly beasts at one point!). Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to switch back to the defat skies again. I tried logging out and in again without success. However, when I logged in again the next day it was back to default.


I told you there still is day and night while you have a static sky.
/skybox off.


Oh I see that now, yeah I must have misread that! My bad.