Question about electricity grid


Hello, im wondering witch max distance we can laid electric line with out the machine cant see the power sources or switch?



Well, it seems there is no actual limit - as far as i read - but unloaded mapblocks may interfere with your network.
I think we configured six mapblocks (this is about 96 nodes if i didn’t calculate wrong).
Good luck.



Okay thank you! i will try to play around those number!

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Oh and i should add - mapblocks are getting activated by “some” mesecons/pipeworks stuff (some because it is not always clear what does this) … i am not sure about technic itself in that regard… the setting i mentioned however is for the client



I will read about mesecon and do some test like if may be with a mesecon torch or the white flower or something. Like if i can find a way to extend the electric grid that can be usefull for 2 friebd to merge their electric grid and make it more powerfull and using less resources ! :slight_smile:


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