Public market opening soon, sellers be ready!

Good day all!

The public market im building it at 99%done everything done except the frill to make it nicer looking,the parc (who not really needed for trade) and gonna have To finish the travelnet network for acess from everywhere. The only issue before opening it, protecting it from scavenger, but be able to divide it between the seller (yes it ont m’y store… But public. The goal it To gather all the store at 1 place and have basic services so no need To go everywhere or having difficulty promoting his store)

Il poste some screen short later :wink:


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Looking forward to it. I think I have stumbled across it once when I was tnet surfing. Not sure I was supposed to get in (sorry!), but I just ended up there via various random tnets. Looked amazing, great work! And I really hope this (and the new bank) can stimulate the economy on Illuna!

Tell me if you want any help getting the project over the finishing line :wink:


Honestly this is something I wait for years (well… since techeth opened). I told Sparky my opinion to his attempt and I’m looking forward to the opening and I hope you all will use it!

Thank and yes i Will need help with the testing of the protecting système and work on a mal like the one at spawn so ppl dont get confuse. And i dont mind you comme around, only the scavenger make me angry. Should be soon.

Sure, feel free to ask me if I’m online and you need some help :wink: